What to do about Jihad in the west


The terrorist attack leaving twelve innocent people dead in Paris this week, has compounded the already growing movement of Europeans to somehow find a solution to their Muslim problem that isn’t necessarily ruling out counter violence against the Muslim communities.

These groups have been labeled “right wing” but that is incorrect. Labeling something “right wing” signifies the move to be extreme. This is not an extremist reaction on the part of Europeans.

People are just fed up with watching their way of life slowly melting away in favor of reverting back to a 15th century existence. They watch their politicians deny for years that a problem even exists. Consequently, a grass roots movement is finally rising and it is gaining strength.

Both liberals and conservatives are taking part in the protest. The only ones not supporting it are the extreme left wing of the European Marxist community. That part of society is so entrenched into the Islamic narrative, like its support for the destruction of Jews and Israel, it can’t back out of it.

Creeping Sharia, and the strength of Muslim populations in these countries are moving full steam ahead to force the Islamic world onto Europe, continue building its population with the ultimate goal of doing what seventh century Arabs couldn’t, turn Europe into a Muslim continent.

Muslims praying on city street. Stop traffic, prevent stores from doing business unless they are muslim business, proprietors get angry about it.

Muslims praying on city street. Stop traffic, prevent stores from doing business unless they are Muslim business, proprietors get angry about it nocompulsion.com


The Muslim back lash in the west appears to be strongest in Germany. But, now with what happened in Paris, hundreds of thousands of French are taking to the streets in protest. Millions more express solidarity with them in America and throughout the Western world.

But, after the protests die down and public action groups begin to emerge to build on political will of the people for a solution, how will they proceed? That’s the next serious issue. What answer can they advocate? How do you change a minority in a free society that will not change? How do you get a 15th century culture to accept your 21st century ways? How do European countries convince their Muslim populations to forsake their most fundamental identification, that of their religion? You can assimilate people but not an ideology.

Unfortunately, there might not be a democratic way of doing this.

It seems some kind of vetting process should take place but how you would do that for every Muslim in Europe, I don’t know. And, what do you do in the meantime? Do you forcibly separate them from the Christian and Jewish populations until they can be properly identified to be secular enough that they won’t kill us if we make fun of the Prophet?

And, exposing the bad guys there will be lots of shoot outs, lots of death and destruction until the process is complete. They would rather die and take you with them rather than just leave and go back to where their belief is respected.

Let’s face it, they hate us and have contempt for everything we are.

These are British subjects hoping their soldiers burn in Hell. Can you imagine British during World War II doing this? metro.co_.uk_.jpg

These are British subjects hoping their soldiers burn in Hell. Can you imagine the British during World War II doing this? metro.co_.uk_.jpg


The Muslim community completely rejects our way of life, has stated openly before its desire and confidence in destroying all vestiges of western living, replacing it with its own. “It’s own” has showing itself so many times in the past, and because Europeans have largely ignored these warning signs we now have twelve more dead people because they have no concept of and have no desire to understand free speech and its importance in a free society.

But, this isn’t just a European problem. All western countries are facing the same dangers, currently on different levels because of the percentage of Muslim population that exists in each of these countries. The problems aren’t quite as acute as in Europe but we can definitely see it coming.

Australia, with its recent takeover of a Sydney café by an Iranian Sheik left three dead before they were finally able to neutralize him. In Canada, a lone Muslim gunman shot at point blank range a soldier standing guard at a war memorial and was quickly taken out by police or there might have been more dead. In Oklahoma, of all places, a woman was beheaded by a crazed Muslim using just a knife. These are not isolated attacks.

There will be more and they will grow in intensity and brutality. We should never forget that America was the target of 9-11 and that Israel has been fighting this evil since its birth back in the 1940s

Canada, Australia, and America might be a little behind Europe with its Muslims problem but not by much. As those countries reach 5% Muslim population similar actions will take place. More people will die, needlessly. We will endure more destruction and terror.

As in Europe they will use democracy against us as CAIR now does in the U.S., claiming racism, civil rights violations and persecution any time for any reason Americans speak out in fear and mistrust of the Muslims around us. If I am not mistaken I believe it was the good folks over at CAIR that coined the phrase Islamophobia.

So, the entire free world is under an attack albeit in different stages. Some years ago I had a conversation with Daniel Pipes, Middle East and Islamic specialist, about this very subject. He described it as “a low wage Jihad taking place seething beneath the surface. ” This is what we are experiencing now. Of course, ten or twelve years ago he said this about Europe which today is obviously no longer true. With the increase of the Muslim population that Jihad is very much out in the open. Like a looking glass into the future we in America, Canada and Australia, we wait for that same rise in Jiahdism—and the murder and bloodshed that it will bring.

That is unless we do something about it now.


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  • Ron

    January 9, 2015

    Islam a far cry from the peaceful religion so many would have us believe, including POTUS. They hide behind Muslim. The cowardly terror they rain down on the innocents mainly, cannot be directed from any God. They are pure evil and must be stopped now!