One of the funniest talk radio segments in L.A. radio is Tim Conway Jr’s weekly Thursday night contest entitled “What the hell did Jesse Jackson say.”

Conway, the son of funny man Tim Conway from the Carole Burnett show and Mchale’s navy from the 60s and 70s, is really on to something with this show.

You want to laugh, tune into KFI at  8:00 PM PST on Thursdays. Forget about Howard Stern and Raw Dog on Sirius radio, this is the funniest show on radio.

Not in L.A.? no problem click here for KFI on the net and listen to it. On KFI’s homepage just click on the red button “listen live” at that time slot in your area.   You won’t regret it.

Conway plays a clip out of a Jackson speech or interview, totally out of context, so you have to actually guess what the man is saying. Half the time the audience cannot guess. His pattern of speech is such that if you don’t know the subject matter of what he is talking about you probably won’t be able to understand him.

Want a sample of “What the hell did Jesse Jackson say.” Click here.

I cannot verify this but my guess is that Conway or someone close to him had this happen to them.They came in the middle of something Jackson was saying  and Conway thought “hey, this would be a good segment for my show.” Then when he tried it, it went over so well he decided to make it a regular part of his Thursday evening broadcast.

Am I close to having it right, Tim?


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