What is going on over at the Times of Israel?

I have been a registered blogger with the Times of Israel (TOI) since January 2015. I have enjoyed a good relationship with the editorial staff, publishing fourteen articles  in five months through May of this year.

Most who regularly read my columns are aware that I am clearly an advocate for the State of Israel, its claims on sovereignty and its struggle to not only survive but thrive in a world trying to destroy it. I also write how Western Civilization is under assault with Israel and the United States being at the center of that assault.

I wrote and published on the TOI praising Pamela Geller for conducting a satirical look at the Prophet and how it drew out two Jihadists who are now dead thanks to the quick work of a armed guard at Geller’s event.Geller article

I wrote how I believe that the only course of action concerning the Boston bomber was execution.

Tzsarnaev must die


Another published TOI article I wrote  concerned England’s continuing slide into anti-semitism proportional to the rise in the Muslim population in that country.

England slide

All of these articles and more were published without a problem. They are still there if you want to access them on Google. None of these topics apparently were out of bounds for the TOI editorial staff.

Around May 15th  everything changed. I submitted a work showing how the European Marxist Left actively works toward the destruction of Israel and sits squarely in the Sharia inspired Muslim view of the Middle East.

I centered my arguments around Avi Shlaim, an avowed Marxist, who admitted he would like to see Israel destroyed in favor of a Palestinian State from the river to the sea.

The editors wrote back they had a problem with my photos. I didn’t have the proper citations for publication. Ok. That’s reasonable. I removed them all except one that came from Getty Images, which is known for its free catalog of historical and newsworthy pics. They wrote back a little more terse this time that they could not accept it. Even after I explained and showed them that the image was from Getty Images.



hamas dying

This was the one photo that I kept because it was on Getty images. notice how there are no bleeding children or defenseless old people so the Left can’t accuse Israel of slaughtering innocent civilians. Only bad guys who will not be around now to kill innocent Jews. The TOI would not allow this photo.

They broke off communication with me.

Then a woman I am friended with on Facebook, Paula Stern,  posted a blog that showed an article of hers, rejected by TOI, outlining terrorist attacks against Jews in Israel. She pointed out that while her article was rejected another article submitted at the same time of West Bank settlers who were seeking a “final solution” to their Arab problem, was apparently published.

Uh-Oh, Busted!

Both rejections, mine and Ms. Stern’s are outlined on the TOI wiki page under “controversies.” Check them out.

TOI wiki

Knowing they might have these entries removed once they realize they are there I want to put them as a screen shot in the article so they can’t ever say I am just some disgruntled nut case.


After a couple of months I decided to try again to publish something on TOI.  I wrote why for the first time that American Democrats no longer had a majority supporting Israel. It was based on a Frank Luntz poll which was published in the Times of Israel.

How could they possibly reject that?

I posited Luntz’s poll reflects a majority of Democrats that now favor the Palestinian argument because of  the growth and power of the three most prominent elitest groups in the party that have an anti Israel bias and have now taken control of that part of their platform. These three groups were, American Blacks, American Muslims and American Marxists.

The editors wrote back on September 1, “This post is not approved for publication. It does not meet TOI’s standard of writing due to its toxic nature.”

After I got up from the floor, I didn’t bother to protest. I just wrote them back a scathing reply which I won’t repeat here. But, suffice it to say, I burned that bridge. And, please know I burned it willingly. I had enough.


TOI rejection 2

Since they already removed their offensive comments about why my article on the European Left was not to be published, I decided to screenshot this in the article itself. They will try to remove every pic I have in this article, but they have no control over my personal blog so they  can’t remove it if it is here. I got a big middle finger for them.


In conclusion it appears that the TOI blogs went through some kind of transformation in the middle of  May of this year. Since all my evidence shows that before this time my articles were readily accepted, and Stern’s and mine after that time were not. I am sure I am not the only one who has been rejected on such flimsy terms, and Left wing bias. I would be interested in hearing from anyone else who has experienced this phenomenon. In the meantime we are watching a perfectly respectable and balanced news site, devolve into some kind of Left wing rag. We have enough of those on the net.

Now we have one more.

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