Two Arabs and a Jew get on a plane to Washington D.C. the Jew sits down in the aisle seat right next to the two Arabs. The Jew takes off his shoes and gets comfortable. One of the Arabs say “I’m going to get a soda.” The Jew says “Don’t worry, relax, I will get it for you.” So he gets up and goes to the Flight attendants station and asks for a soda. When he is out of sight the Arab picks up one of his shoes and spits in it. The Jew then returns with the soda and the other Arab says “Hey, that looks good could you get me one?” The Jew says sure and with that he stands and proceeds to the back of the plane to get another soda. Then, the second Arab picks up the other shoe and spits in it. The Jew then returns with the second soda and sits back down and all three men enjoy their plane trip to Washington D.C. When the flight is over, the Jew puts on his shoes and realizes what has happened. He then says “Why must this go on between our two peoples, all the violence, all the hatred, all the spitting in the shoes, all the pissing in the sodas………………..

Jewish community examiner

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