November 2008

In 2003 a Chicago dinner party took place for up and coming local politicians. Unknown to the participants it was taped. Barack Obama was at that party. He sat and talked with the other guests. Some of those guests were Bill Ayres and his wife Bernadine Dhorn who are former weather underground terrorists. Another guest at the party was Rashid Khalidi, a college professor of some note, and author of several books is considered an enemy of Israel, works towards the dismantling of the Jewish State.

During the 2008 campaign The Los Angeles Times came across the tape of that dinner. Refusing to release what was on it, the Times broke one of the cardinal rules of the fourth estate. They injected themselves into the story. What was on that tape that the Times was willing to sacrifice such a huge chunk of their credibility? How damning could it have been?

At the time I waited to get the take from the Los Angeles Jewish Journal. Since it was a local story and could have an effect on the Jewish community  here in regards to Israel, I was fully expecting something on it that week in the Journal. Nothing. They didn’t even mention it. They chose not to cover it probably for similar reasons why the Times refused to release the tape. Both The Times and the Jewish Journal are huge endorsers of the Obama candidacy. The following is my condemnation to the Journal.



I was shocked and disturbed that the Khalidi controversy was not covered in the Los Angeles Jewish Journal this past week. Khalidi, the somewhat infamous but mostly unknown self described enemy of the State of Israel, is a very distinguished and admired professor, first at the University of Chicago and more recently of Colombia University in New York.

He has an articulate manner of anti-Israel bias that has wooed Jewish intellectuals, professors, and apparently journalists in the English speaking world to his way of seeing things. Could that be what is going on with the Jewish Journal?

Not a mention in this week’s Journal. But, that is not surprising, as the paper that broke the story The L.A. Times, is mum about what else they know about an infamous dinner engagement in 2003 when Obama broke bread with some of the worst terrorist sympathizers this country has to offer.

The guest list probably read more like the hounds of Hell rather than a distinguish list of intellectuals, democratic politicians, college professors, and of course our future president. The Times has become part of the story since they will not release a tape of the dinner. Anyone who is familiar with the murderous tendencies of Israel’s enemies can guess what is probably on it. No wonder they will not release it.

Could it be that the words spoken at that dinner and recorded on that tape are so damaging that it could cost Obama the election?

Can any clear thinking person who understands the simplicity of right and wrong sit while that was going on? One can only wonder how a future president of the United States can sit through so much hate and not walk out. Yet he did. And, he is about to become our commander and chief and the Jewish Journal can say nothing? Both The Times and the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles has enthusiastically endorsed Barack Obama for president.

Since the Journal has more interest in satisfying a political agenda than protecting its own, I have a few more questions. What will this portend for us as a people in an Obama administration? Can we expect Khalidi and others like Farrakhan, Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, et al., to be invited to state dinners at the White House? Would the Journal be silent about that also?

Could we be possibly looking at an end to the “Special” relationship between Israel and the United States begun 50 years ago by John F. Kennedy. Can we expect from the Obama “change” mantra the rape of Israel and its bloody violent death? If that happens in an Obama administration who do we blame? Obama? Khalidi? the Reprublicans?

Now, for the answers. We can blame ourselves because we have seen fit to keep silent from the warning signs. I hate to be so cheesy as to make Holocaust references but the last time we ignored signs like this was during Hitler’s rise to power. As the powerful and influential in the German Jewish community took out full page adds in the papers siding with Hitler’s National Socialism and writing off his threats to do away with Jews by saying “he would never do that, Germany cannot survive without its Jews.”

Once again we are going like lambs to the slaughter. Does this silence mean the Journal believes that an Obama administration will live up to its campaign promises concerning Israel even though the writing on the wall is somewhat different? The State of Israel is in danger in an Obama administration. And, the Jewish Journal will not print the information.

I would call this cowardly but somehow that just doesn’t seem right. It is treasonous that a newspaper, with an almost exclusive Jewish readership, would choose to turn its back on a growing threat to Israel. In other words the Journal has now cross the line and no longer considers itself a Jewish community newspaper but a Democratic Party rag.

Where is the courage in that?

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