The Last Five Minutes of the Jewish State


With the signing of the Iran agreement now debated in Congress, this brings us one step closer to a nuclear confrontation in the Middle East. This piece originally written in 2012 with some modifications for our 2015 realities shows what happens if this nightmare really comes to pass.

With Israel now dealing with the prospect of a more emboldened  Iran, because of the Vienna agreement,  whose leadership has stated its desire over and over again to see Israel gone from the world, the daily tension of us coming closer and closer to this apocalypse, has affected Israel and its supporters in a number of ways.

Netanyahu has stated that Israel will defend itself against all comers. And, when he says it you can see the determination on his face.

Watch the last ten seconds of Netanyahu’s reaction 

For filmmaker Ronen Barany it’s a little different.  He uses his filmmaking techniques to show a mock nuclear attack on the Jewish State in the future date of March 2013, since this was made in 2011. Don’t fault him because he’s off by only a few years. We are closer than ever before because of this agreement.

Barany’s youtube video shows the last five minutes of Israel before it’s turned into a nuclear wasteland through the eyes of several unacquainted Israelis who ban together for the ends of their lives like a family, because they are the only ones they have left, and they need to comfort one another as their lives come to an end.

View the five minute video here.

These few people symbolize what the rest of Israel, if they are still alive, are going through at least in the general Jerusalem area. As stated in the film Northern Israel was silent and it had to be assumed that it was already a dead zone.

The video is so realistic with top notch computer graphics that it gives you an inside look as to what an attack on Israel might really look like, except for the fact that you are not really there so you live to tell about it.

For anyone who cares about the Jewish State, the legitimacy of Zionism or just feels something for a part of humanity about to be wiped out, you should watch this video.

Of course, enemy planes have complete freedom over Israeli skies, which is a little hard to believe knowing how careful Israel is in defending its borders. But, given that artistic license, Barany runs with it and gives us the most frightening five minutes that is the sum of all of our worst fears.

One should not be fooled by supporters of the Vienna agreement  as opposed to what Barany’s implication is here. If Israel’s enemies could destroy the State of Israel they surely would. Never mind they would kill all life, make the ground uninhabitable for the next thousand years, along with possibly setting themselves up for a retaliatory strike which Israel would do in a microsecond if they destroyed the Jewish homeland.

To repeat the killing of six million Jews to an Islamic government which does not even recognize it happened a first time and believes it has no culpability in any case, since  that other crime happened in Christian Europe presents a very frightening and realistic threat.

With Iran’s leaders promoting anti-Zionist conferences, supporting Holocaust denying and swearing that one day the Jewish State will be gone from that corner of the world, now strengthened by this agreement, adds to their program of introducing nuclear weapons to the region, destroying Israel with a single attack is not out of the realm of possibility as it may have been at one time.

What will the Obama government do in the next weeks and months the first time Iran is caught cheating? Oh, I know what the agreement calls for, but given his stance on drawing lines in the sand with Syria, and Russia, I wouldn’t hold out for sanctions being reinstituted.

With Western commercial interests already planning investments like Apple, Exxon Mobil, McDonalds, and a bevy of European concerns looking to increase their bottom line, there will never again be sanctions on Iran.

The question remains, how exactly will this threat be stopped?

Israel is largely alone now in the face of this. It is not totally unlike what they faced in the months leading up the June war of 1967. Egypt’s Nasser was making similar sounds that the Iranians make today, Syria was cheering Nasser’s saber rattling, and Jordan although an American ally dove in with their Arab partners in the doomsday rhetoric. Can such historic and glorious lightning strike twice for the same people in the same 100 year period?

The one ace in the “hole,” that was not present in 1967, and admittedly it is a small “hole”, is the other countries threatened by Iranian hegemony over the region. They might help Israel in doing what the west will not.

Israel, is the first target but the Oil producing Sunni Gulf States, along with Egypt and Jordan, believe they face the same existential threat from Shia Iran. They cannot take on Iran alone or at least they won’t, not without nuclear parody. The only country that can do that is Israel.

If they can build some kind of coalition, albeit in secret from their own populations, they might strike at Iran.

Whatever happens, Israel cannot sit and wait too long. To do so might mean a second six million Jews will parish.

Watch the video.


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