During the White House Aug 27, press briefing, Josh Earnest defended the president’s earlier remarks that the White House had no strategy to move against the Islamic caliphate threat. When questioned about the administration’s perceived hand wringing of not really knowing what to do, Earnest clarified that the administration was indeed formulating some kind of strategy that included, ”using our diplomatic influence to engage regional governments in countries around the world in terms of fighting ISIL.”

Until recently one place in the region overlooked has been the Kurds. They stand alone in the way of the Jihadists continuing their rampage. Why aren’t we arming and training those people to the teeth?  Because Kurdistan is only a region and not an independent state the Pentagon was next to powerless to send them anything. The CIA has covertly been sending some small arms but what’s needed here is a full scale and rapid transfer of instructors and weaponry immediately.

The enemy is at the Kurdish gate now.

We wasted a lot of time and money on Iraq to say nothing of American blood that has saturated its desert sands. They have proven to be unreliable, unworthy, and unwilling to defend their country when attacked.

That is not so with the Kurds. While the allegiance to America in Iraq is ambiguous at best, the Kurds stand firmly in support of American interests. In July the Wall Street Journal reported that the Kurdish territory “has proved to be a haven of stability, relative security and pro-American, pro-Western sentiment ever since it broke free from Saddam’s misrule.”

We gave the Kurds autonomous rule in that area of Northern Iraq after the first gulf war, stopping short of establishing complete independence because our NATO partner Turkey has always been against it. That opposition has been weakening recently, besides, with their present rule of half Nazi half Muslim extremist president, Racyp  Erdogan,  who cares what Turkey thinks anyway?

The Kurds have proven to be good fighters even with their limited resources. “Kurdish leaders have complained that they are outgunned and unable to mount a counter­offensive without more U.S. assistance.” http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/us-sending-weapons-directly-to-kurdish-forces-officials-say/2014/08/11/7055b98c-2165-11e4-8593-da634b334390_story.html

We should be training and equipping them with the best modern weaponry we have.

Not unlike Israel’s beginning years in the 1950s when the American government would not help Israel defend itself, through both the Truman and the Eisenhower administrations, we should not make that same mistake again.

After many years living through pre and post Saddam Iraq the Kurds have always been a side issue for the State Department.

Undeterred they have remained insistent on their own independence. And, despite our refusal to help them, like the Jews of the 1950s somehow they have survived.

Now since this current ISIS threat has appeared with no American trained Iraqi army to defend Iraq, Kurdistan was left alone to either fight or die.  And, they have been holding their own.

We must ask ourselves:

Isn’t that a spirit we Americans can admire?

Shouldn’t we be standing with the Kurds especially now since death is calling to them just on the other side of their border?

Isn’t it time we begin to stand with the peoples of the Middle East who stand with us?

Shouldn’t we shake off the shackles of 20th century bonehead diplomacy and meet these challenges by allying ourselves with the friendlies in the Middle East instead of standing an apologizing to people who have no grace to accept it in the first place, as Obama did in Cairo in 2009.

Give the Kurds the right tools and they will retake Mosul and those valuable oil fields. After success  we should first support their right to statehood and then  allow them to annex that part of Iraq, so that they control the flow of Mosul oil, and not the Iraqis.

The Iraqis are not worthy of holding any territory they are not willing to fight for. Just as Israel in 1948 took land beyond what was granted by the UN partition, because Arab forces did not fight hard enough to keep it, today, that territory is considered Israel by everyone in the world, even Israel’s enemies have acquiesced to it.

The Kurds and the Iraqis should not be considered any different. Mosul is important to the west. Allow Kurdistan to take it and hold it. They will be a much more reliable partner in the oil business than any Arab state has become at any time in history.

There is a war coming. I don’t think anyone really doubts that now. We made serious mistakes in the past that maybe have facilitated the growth of this conflict. Let’s not repeat those mistakes in the future.

Arm the Kurds now. Give them what they need to help us win this war.


The photo at top courtesy of www.christianpost.com

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