March, 2012

Interesting that this was written before IS was on the move in that country. But, everything below has proven true.

Watching a recent episode of “The Good Wife” on CBS I was reminded of the blind faith that Americans have toward everyone on Earth getting a chance at freedom. We have freedom how come they don’t?

The story line was on Syria and that country’s violent civil war that is currently raging in the wake of the Arab Spring. Clearly the producers wanted to bring home to the American people watching in their living rooms this feeling of “yearning to be free.” And why not? Freedom for us is an essential ingredient of  American life. It’s part of our national ethos.

Briefly, the show’s T.V. law firm represented three families whose loved ones were in Syria fighting on the side of the rebels. Without going into all of the other plot streams, in short, and for our purposes here, the rebels were the good guys and the army troops were the bad guys.

The case for Syria, like so many other despotic regimes in the Muslim world is an easy one to digest. Syria’s president Bashar Assad is a brutal heartless dictator not entirely unlike Saddam Hussein of Iraq. He has continually demonstrated Iron fist control over his own people. As someone who is intimately involved in the Israeli struggle to be safe in that region, I note a common Israeli refrain. If he does that to his own people just think what he will do to us.  I can’t think of any reason for removing him from power as being anything but justified.

Except one.

Much of the resistance against the Assad regime is extremist inspired. That means, Muslim Brotherhood, possible al Queda and their copycat groups, and a slew of other smaller religious fanatics who would like nothing better than to established a terrorist nation not unlike Iran only with a sunni flavor. Reports have it that these groups are already there. We should not be surprised at these developments as much of the Muslim world is beginning to change in that extremist religious direction, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Algeria, Somalia, Sudan, etc.

Shall I go on?

What you have in Syria, is not freedom fighters struggling for liberty as our forefathers did. What you have is bad guy killing bad guy. That is not to say that they are all bad. I need to make that clear. There are individuals in that struggle who truly desire freedom, who think of it in terms of American liberty. But, they are a small fraction of the whole. Way too small to make a difference.

I would pose the following to the producers of The Good Wife, If what Syria will turn into is worse after the Assad regime would they be so anxious to present an episode on their show which clearly skews the conflict in that country? At least a dictator like Assad can be contained. A terrorist nation that exports its terror as part of its functioning agenda is another 9-11 in the making.

Stay out of these conflicts. At least don’t present them in a powerful medium like network television as good against evil. The Good Wife is an excellent show, even with its sometimes obvious liberal proclivities. Don’t allow it to become a mouthpiece on the wrong side for what is sizing up to be the great existential threat to Western Civilization in the 21st century.



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