January 11, 2014

The elephant in Meryl Streep’s room

Meryl Streep spoke at the National Board of Review dinner which, I am told, is a forerunner to Hollywood’s Golden Globes. She  was there to honor Emma Thompson for her role as Mary Poppins creator P.L. Travers, in Disney’s “Saving Mr. Banks.” She also took the opportunity to remind all of us of Walt Disney’s thoroughly distasteful social and political values toward anti-Semitism and sexism during his lifetime which of course, juxtaposed his monstrous contribution to the Hollywood entertainment industry. I applaud Ms. Streep for her words.

But, there’s an elephant in the room which is squeezing me so much, it’s hard to breathe. Why does Hollywood pick on dead right wing white American industrialists from the old world of narrow thinking and putrid ideology but never seem to mention the ones involved in the same thinking today?

Would Ms. Streep and her colleagues in Hollywood also condemn the African American community because of its anti-Semitism? Studies for a very long time have shown that Black anti-Semitism is way out of proportion to other American groups indicating there is a real problem in that community. The vast majority of American anti-Semitism  today comes from the Black community. But, you never hear Hollywood, the Democratic party or any Jewish liberal groups condemn the problem.

I’m pretty sure Ms. Streep and the rest of the Hollywood Left condemns Muslim jihadism for its stands on Christians, Jews and women post 9-11. But why does it give  a pass on those same issues to Muslims living on the West bank or in Gaza? Are they different? Why don’t they support Israel’s right to defend itself against the same malevolence that they so roundly condemn for themselves? They never seem to want to talk about that Jewish hatred, only to push Israel into more concessions with an implacable enemy.

Yea, there’s an elephant in the room all right.

It’s time that the Left wing in this country, Hollywood included, drop condemnations only when they are politically correct. Racism, sexism, anti-Semitism and bigotry of all forms against others are the ugliest of human endeavors. We Jews, we human beings, we who are part of a better world need to vigorously stand against hatred  wherever it exists.  Walt Disney to Al Sharpton, to Hanan Ashwari deserve our denunciations regardless how much we might agree with their other political stances.

It is completely disingenuous for the non-Jewish American Left to continue to act in this way. And, for Jews, who refuse to condemn Jewish hatred because they vote like them, is completely and thoroughly shameful. The blood of their ancestors from the Holocaust back 1000 years of anti-Semitism calls out for equal justice for those who hate. But, for the Jewish Left, that call continues to fall on deaf ears.

Stop it, Stop it now