August 21, 2013

I watched a good action movie last night “Olympus has Fallen.” Terrorists take over the White House in an almost perfectly executed attack—North Korean Terrorists.

North Korea?

I know they’re a problem for the United States and our allies in that region, but come on, when have we been attacked by North Korean terrorists? How threatening are they that to think a plot like that is plausible? Frankly, that’s a joke.

The vast majority of terror we Americans have experienced in the last 20 years or so comes from one place, the Muslim world. Why doesn’t Hollywood make movies reflecting this threat? What would be so wrong with seeing a movie like “Olympus has Fallen,” with a terrorist yelling Allah Akbar as he runs through the White House, killing all the best security America has to offer  and literally raising a Muslim flag upon its pole on the roof.

That is much more of a realistic threat than North Koreans taking down White house security with a precision type operation.

There can only be one reason for the silliness of Korean villains and not Muslim jihadists in “Olympus has Fallen.” Hollywood is a scared, gutless bunch of cowards.  They are actually afraid. Since Muslims have a reputation of killing you if you say or do something, or worse express art in a way they find offensive, as in the Danish cartoons a few years ago, Hollywood takes that threat seriously.

I’m sure Hollywood producers keep coming up with visions of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh lying in the street, the last bit of life’s blood filling around his body on the concrete with that dagger sticking out of his chest. It apparently has them shaking in their boots.

But, it wasn’t always this way.

During World War II, Hollywood was on the forefront of making movies that insulted, demonized, and otherwise offended both the Japanese and German enemies. Hollywood played a major role in securing the propaganda victory in that war. But, those days, and those brave men and women of Hollywood are gone, replaced by a bunch of sniveling cowards who are not gutsy enough to stand against our current enemy.

I don’t want to pin all this blame on the producers of “Olympus has Fallen.” While watching the movie I was reminded of some other movies that increased the cowardice and silliness factor by applying terrorism to areas of the world that are not likely, ignoring our only real enemy we have today of possible attacks on America or Americans.

One that comes to mind is “The Sum of all Fears”  (2002), a typical highly suspenseful Tom Clancy novel about Muslim terrorists who actually blow up the City of Baltimore with a nuclear device. That is the sum of all our fears is it not? The producers had no taste for showing terror like it in real life. Clancy’s story explicitly uses Muslim terror as the villain but producers of the movie, were just too politically correct in their real fears and changed the bad guys laughingly to Neo Nazis pretending to be Russians.

Oh yea, high concept.

Red Dawn (2012) once again applies to the North Koreans as if they could actually invade the United States with some success. This scenario is not likely with the Muslim world either, but the threat of attack looms ever larger as they grow stronger.  As jihadist elements are trying to take over several Muslim countries right now and the west continues to transfer its wealth to the Iranians and others through petrol dollars, at some point in the future the Muslim enemy might very well have the power to launch such an invasion. North Korea  on the other hand, unless something changes with their benefactors, the Chinese, which is not very likely, we won’t see a North Korean invasion any time soon.

Of course, led by the cowards of Hollywood we will never see a movie about a Muslim attack on the White House. That would just scare the hell out of people, because that is what is on everyone’s mind and nobody wants to vocalize it. Koreans invading the United States or pulling off what we saw in “Olympus has Fallen” is a joke.

It’s just laughable.

Hollywood tries to raise the specter of home grown right wing terrorism in movies like “Militia,”  (2000) inspired by the Oklahoma Federal Building bombing in 1995. But most of you probably never heard of that movie. That’s because its just silly. That kind of attack is not what Americans fear the most. What they fear is already in our own backyards, and it is growing, but Hollywood will not reflect it.

Why is Hollywood avoiding this real subject as a basis for their plots? Why is it always the Russians, the North Koreans, or some international western renegade who tries to gain riches through terror as in “Die Hard” or  “The World is not Enough?”

And, this has set the stage for movie after movie about terror, avoiding the subject of Jihad and our collective hatred of it. Fast forward to 2013 and you have a laughable scenario of North Korea having the will or the ability to pull off something like they did. Ok. Jihadists might not have the ability to stage what was in that movie but they certainly have the will. And, in the presence of us sticking our heads in the sand and leaving it there, they are fast approaching the ability.

I liked “Olympus has Fallen” It was sharp and clean even though it borrowed on Bruce Willis’ “Die Hard” scenario only with more damning implications. But, it would have been much more effective if the terrorist villains were more like the real terrorist villains that we are dealing with in our lives today, Muslim Jihadism.

Make a movie like that and you will draw crowds. People want to see their worst fears on the screen.


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