November 18, 2014


The attack on the Jerusalem synagogue which at this time is still fluid, has proven once again the barbarity of the Muslim jihadist and his complete disregard for innocent human life. Four people have so far been killed with many others being treated for injuries, some very serious.

The brutality of the crime, emphasized by what is apparently the hacking to death of at least some of the dead with machetes and knives, gruesomely  becoming the calling card of the Muslim jihadist.

When something like this happens in Israel, sympathy from all over the world pours into the Jewish State, support and sympathy  to the Jewish people flows everywhere.

You see internet comments mostly in support for the Jewish people saying things like

“’Palestinians’ = ISIS.
Hamas is literally celebrating the killings of innocents by dancing and passing out candy. This is exactly what they did at our 9/11. There can never be peace with subhumans like that.”


“And in the Gaza Strip, they held up pictures of the attackers and passed sweets in joy. SAVAGES.”

I’m sure later on, if it hasn’t happened already, The US State department will condemn these attacks and pray for those families who lost today. The same US State department that two months ago was accusing Israel of targeting and killing kids in Gaza as Israel’s army sought to stop this kind of thing from happening ever again.

Here’s the thing. If Israel tries to bring this kind of thing to a close, and goes into Gaza  risking it’s youthful treasure to end this conflict, it is just as condemned by comments and internet conclusions that Israel is somehow killing children on purpose.

Is this war or isn’t it? In war people die. Continuing to stop Israel from what it needs to do because the enemy uses children to shield themselves  from Israeli guns and then utilizes the propaganda of  their deaths to get Israel to stop will only perpetuate more attacks like today, and the last few weeks.

You want it to stop? Let Israel go in and finish them off once and for all. In order to the get the kind of calm and real peace that the Western world wants, Israel desperately needs, and the Palestinian people deserve, cannot happen until all of these people are dead.

Kill Hamas now.


Check this out. This is who the American taxpayer gives some $400,000.000 to each year to help them. Help them what, buy candy so they can laugh and dance on the bodies of innocent Americans? Let Israel kill off Hamas and we should cut them off and start treating them like the enemies that they are.