State of the Union and the Middle East, 2015

I was thinking of writing something about Obama’s Middle East policy after his speech last night. But, he hardly even mentioned it, which is in perfect character with his interest in Islam, its problems, the Arab Israeli conflict, its problems, and with Iran. He made it seem everything was just fine.

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Warning congress not to pass sanctions is a very dangerous attitude to take toward the Iranians. He actually believes that they will quit their nuclear program.

“For the first time in a decade, we’ve halted the progress of its nuclear program and reduced its stockpile of nuclear material.”

Have we, Mr. President?  The Israelis, one of the few western countries with actual spies on the ground in Iran, says that is just not so. Iran continues to move toward the building of a nuclear weapon and the delivery mechanism to send it anywhere in the world.

Even if they agree to the American proposals by the June deadline, Iran will covertly carry on its program because its agenda is to destroy Israel first, and threaten Europe next. They are a radical Islamic country, not unlike terrorist organizations, al Queda, Hezbollah, The Taliban. The only real difference is they have a country, with a diplomatic purse.

But, that doesn’t make them civilized. It only gives them the appearance of civilization.

The Iranians view Obama as weak. Ever since that speech he gave in Cairo in 2009, calling out America’s crimes against Islamic peoples and begging for their forgiveness,  the entire Jihadist world knew that they could continue their terror campaign as long as he was in office. And, they have done just that. In classic Machiavellian style, our enemies have filled the gap that Mr. Obama has left blank and are using it to reach their ultimate goal of world domination through militant Islam.

Mr. Obamas Middle East policy has degraded our standing throughout the whole world. Instead of capping terror and minimizing its tactics, we have seen a proliferation of its growth, a direct result of the appearance of being weak over the last six years.

One gets the feeling that Obama is channeling Neville Chamberlin at Munich in 1938. Mr. Obama must not be a student of history because he sure hasn’t learned anything from the mistakes we made in the past. Come this June I am confident he will obtain a treaty with Iran, and he will wave it in our faces telling us “peace in our time.”

That deserves an “oh brother” moment.

His administration refuses to use the term Islamic terror. How can we fight an enemy  we can’t  identify. Yet, he insists:

“In Iraq and Syria, American leadership — including our military power — is stopping ISIL’s advance. Instead of getting dragged into another ground war in the Middle East, we are leading a broad coalition, including Arab nations, to degrade and ultimately destroy this terrorist group.”

It has been proven time and time again that you cannot win a war from the air. It might have been his most shameful moment of the night taking the credit for stopping ISIL in Iraq  instead of crediting the only real fighting force on the ground there that has made any difference, the Kurds.

This brave people taking a page out of Israeli history, with their backs up against the wall, the enemy literally at their gates, and a fight or die attitude, has beaten back ISIL in Iraq to a standstill. The Iraqis, whose country ISIL invaded, ran  shamefully  from the approaching terrorists, leaving behind expensive  state of the art U.S military equipment for the enemy to use against us at a later date.

The Obama administration fully realizing that an American presence was still needed in Iraq. Advisors were sent to the Iraqi army moving, and, they have a little. But, it is doubtful they would have been able to do anything without the fighting Kurds there heroically defending Iraqi territory.

A country that won’t fight for their own land does not deserve that land. If Obama wanted to make a real statement about the situation in that area last night he should have called for the recognition of a re emerged Kurdistan. Furthermore, allow them to keep all of the Iraqi territory for their new country that currently is soaked in Kurdish blood.

But, I am afraid our president is not bold enough to make such proclamations. So, the Kurds fight on as a coalition force connected as a militia to the Iraqi army, the only part of that army doing anything substantive.

Hopefully, a new administration in two years will recognize the importance of friendship with a reborn Kurdish sovereign nation.

His glossing over the Israeli Palestinian conflict without even a nod toward working for peace in that area sends an equivocating message  on our support for to the Palestinians.

Almost during the exact time the President was giving his speech 12 innocent people were stabbed on a bus in Tel Aviv.  With the attacks in Paris last week, it’s clear that the free world is under assault but the unspoken leader of that free world is silent about leading us to victory.

If the President continues to ignore the Middle East like he ignores the wishes of the American people, the situation in the region will continue to deteriorate. Israel and other states in the area will be forced to take hard measures against all of our enemies and many will die as a result.

The President has never understood what we are up against in the Middle East. In fact some have wondered if he or his advisors knew anything at all about international diplomacy concerning that very touchy part of the world.

As I sat through his second to last State of the union speech I was continually reminded  that we are day closer to the end of his presidency, when we can begin hopefully to repair most of the damage that he has caused to this nation, its people, its prestige as a world leader, and once again take back its leadership role in world affairs.


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