Sharia: We will all go down together

If you are a woman, gay, Christian or Jew, you better watch out. Sharia is gunning for you. It is already happening in Europe.

As creeping Sharia becomes a larger problem in western societies we should be aware of the specific changes that will take place if that nightmare ever comes true and we are forced to live under a yoke of authoritarianism you never dreamed possible.

Probably the greatest amount of under the thumb persecutions on the largest segment of society will be on women.

Depending on where you live you may or may not be required to cover up within the context of how strict your Muslim dress police are about women in public. Here’s the bottom line, you will no longer be able to live as you have lived under freedom. Women will return to an eleventh century backward ethic which relegated them to the background, with no influence in society except to make babies, and care for them.

This clip has absolutely nothing to do with the article except I used Billy Joel’s words in my title. For all you Americans out there call it a Memorial Day tribute. A great song, a tour de force in 4/4 time, of a different war, in a different era. Take a break from all of this, and listen. You won’t be disappointed.

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Women will be beaten, and sometimes killed as part of Sharia law if they anger their husbands in anyway. They are at the complete mercy of their Muslim husbands who have been taught that the best woman is still a little less than the worst man. Like property they will have no rights what so ever.

Honor killing, Female Genital Mutilation, subservience, and denial of education are in the works for a Sharia bound world.

What a shame to deny civilization the intelligence, the contribution, and the pure gain on society that half of the world contains.

I don’t know why any woman would be tolerant of a future that holds that for them. Women who do, you really ought to rethink your position on supporting this.

Gay people will be forced back into a closet as they were before the Stonewall riots of 1968. To be found out will mean execution. The days of just getting beat down will seem like a picnic compared to what Sharia has in store for you.

Jews and Christians are allowed to live under Sharia by paying a Jizyah, ( a tax) for the privilege of living within Islam. Of course, getting to the Sharia, there will be millions of murders of Christians and Jews before this comes to pass.

Sharia has not really come to America yet. But it is well on its way in Europe.

This video below shows the practice of FGM apparently proliferating at an alarming rate in England. Not only that but the video makes the claim that English authorities aren’t doing anything about it.

The fact that this is going on in Western countries should not surprise anyone. The rate of Muslim immigration into the West has increased exponentially in the last few years and Muslims bring Sharia with them.

Nobody really knows how many sharia councils exist in Great Britain today but a “Fact Check” study from 2009 indicates that there were 85 Sharia courts spread across Britain  at that time. Of course, six years later with the exponential growth of Muslim Europe in the last couple of years we have to assume it is way higher than that now.

Rulings handed down by the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal can be legally binding.” That council is not supposed to supersede English courts but like everything else, Muslims are pushing their way into Western life. Could it be that thousands of FGMs are going unnoticed by English authorities?

With the numbers of illegal immigrants crossing from Libya to Italy continue to run unabated there is no reason to believe that the Muslim take over of Europe will slow down anytime soon. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants travel this route every year across the Mediterranean, the shortest route from North Africa to the European continent.

From there they move to all parts of Western Europe populating most in those countries that have the most liberal social programs. That explains why France, England, Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands have larger growth than other countries their size.

This is London today. Paris and several other main cities in Europe have similar problems. This is what Americans need to stop from happening. And, to our European friends your day is coming fast. You need to urge your government to take steps now before it becomes too late.

With that takeover you can expect to turn the clock back several hundred years, as Sharia law gains strength. Look for continued subjugation of women including more FGMs, honor killings, veiled women, murder of gays, Christians and Jews.

The growing proportions of Muslims to Christians and Jews in England every year comes closer and closer to parity. With the strength of the Islamic community they are instituting their own way of living standards through Sharia law.

You in America should not breathe a sigh of relief. Because it is coming here also. We are approximately one generation behind the Europeans in turning over 2500 years of Western civilization to Islam.

It is not too late to stop it. Stop it now.

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