Second Battle of Saratoga October 7



The columns leave Freeman’s Farm and march south-west for three-quarters of a mile. The Marksmen and Indians move into the wooded hills of the west , while the main body halts in the open fields. Burgoyne’s officers try to observe the American lines


1200- 1430-

American outposts report the British activity to Gates, who accepts Morgan’s offer to turn Burgoyne’s right, and orders Poor to mount a simultaneous attack from the south.



Poor attacks Acland’s Grenadiers and sweeps them from the field, just as Morgan and Dearborn hit Simon Fraser’s right  flank and rear.



As both British flanks crumble, Arnold leads Learned’s brigade against Riedesel, who holds him at bay. Attempting to organize a second defensive line, Simon Fraser is wounded and the British right dissolves: isolated, Riedesel withdraws, and all the artillery is lost.



The survivors flee into the Balcarres Redoubt: Poor overruns one of the outworks (the bloody knoll) but is repulsed with heavy losses from the main fortification. Spotting weakness in the British defenses Arnold rides back across the battlefield to Learned’s  brigade.



Learned’s men overwhelm the two fortified cabins, while Morgan’s riflemen duel with the Jaegers to the north. As Arnold enters the Breymann redoubt, his horse is killed and he is wounded: Breymann is also killed.


1630- 1700- The loss of the Breymann Redoubt renders Burgoyne’s entire position untenable and he orders a retreat to the works behind the great Ravine.


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