What I do for a living has no bearing on what I write here. Unlike some bloggers this site is not about homebuilding, arts and crafts or how to properly financially plan for the future.

No, this blog is a little different. I am a writer, thinker, and philosopher about history, especially the Middle East, but not exclusively. It’s also about current events, the situation in the world today, the war against Jihadism in the Muslim world.

Much of what I write about here is about Israel and the Jewish people. I write about the Jews because they are my people. I see them in danger and I am not sure if they know it.

I was not alive the last time the Jews faced such peril but as an historian and what witnesses have told me, it started pretty much the way things are now. If I had to draw a direct comparison to 2015 the year in which I am writing this, I would say this is more or less 1926 or ‘27 when the forces of good still outweighed the forces of evil. But, evil was gaining. In only a few years’ time a 1000 year old Jewish civilization came to an end.

Thanks to the “good men” of the time, it was only Europe and not the U.S. or the rest of the world.

Yep, that is about where we are.

Edmund Burke said (well it’s disputed but most historians attribute it to him) that “all it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.”

I am here to raise the consciousness of those “good men” and “good women” out there that will save us before another calamity befalls this world.

I’ve been writing about these topics for 20 years and have been thinking about them much longer than that.

I am a devotee of Samuel Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations.” Since he first presented his essay in 1992 to the world, especially the Muslim world has followed his paradigm to set this in motion.

I am a lover of all things historic, even going back to the beginnings of mankind, into the archeological realm, when it is no longer considered history but science. It’s still history to me.

Outside of this blog, I am a man, I have a family, I have a dog, and I live someplace but none of that is any of your business.

I hope we can be friends.


Jewish community examiner

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