Russell Tribunal on Palestine a closer look

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine convened on Sept 24, 2014 . Named after British philosopher and confirmed socialist Bertrand Russell should give an idea as to the direction this force moved on the question of alleged Israel war crimes in Gaza last summer.

This piece is not to comment on the findings. We all know what they were before they sat down. But, this is to give you and insight into who made the judgments against the Jewish State and why.

Since the Tribunal had no legal standing or governing authority to invoke any sanctions against the Jewish State, its primary purpose was to “examine the violations of international law.” The focus is one way, no reciprocating investigation into anything Hamas did during the war.

For example,

Its tunnel building expressly for killing and kidnaping Jewish citizens and soldiers of Israel, which was foiled for the most part by the IDF.

Its constant barrage of rockets into Israel despite the great success of Iron Dome, they never faltered in trying to break through to kill Jews inside Israel.

Their refusal to heed the warnings from Israel from July 1-July 4th (approximately), to cease fire missiles into Israel or face the consequences.

The indisputable proof that they set up rocket launchers in non combatant areas, residential neighborhoods, and on top of UN buildings, etc. to increase civilian casualty figures and blame Israel for it at forums like the Russell Tribunal.

And, the list goes on. None of this would be discussed by the Jury because of the precedent set at the tribunal in 1965 on alleged American war crimes in Viet Nam.  Bertrand Russell’s then refusal to look into crimes of the North Vietnamese, thereby shielding Hanoi from any condemnation set the precedent for future tribunals.

Only Israel is judged. Hamas’s crimes are not discussed. The Russell Tribunal amounts to nothing more than a Kangaroo court, in every sense of the word.

And, with kangaroos in mind the tribunal’s Jury appears to have been purposely selected to indict and find guilty Israel of these alleged crimes.

The jury is stacked with the most appalling gathering of anti-Semites, self hating Jews, and anti-Zionist Marxists for the expressed purpose of a substantiated western  backing  to the Palestinian voice in bringing about the hopeful demise of Israel.   The only criteria for sitting on the jury rendering a decision was that you must hate Israel, because if you don’t you have no business being there.

Otherwise why would Roger Waters of Pink Floyd be given a seat at that table. The British rock musician’s only qualification is that he despises the Jewish State.  He’s been accused of  anti-Semitism in the past, always saying that its only anti-Zionist activity and he has nothing against Jews. An excuse invariably used by anti-Semites everywhere since Israel’s creation, attempting to remove any association to the ugly events in Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 40s.

For more on Roger Waters click here

He has no special degrees in international affairs, is not a lawyer of any kind, not even an ambulance chaser. The only reason he is on that jury is because of his unrelenting criticisms of the Jews. Waters did convert the meaning of his famous, Pink Floyd song “the Wall,” to refer to Israel’s wall of protection across the West Bank in 2004. Probably to spark a stalled musical career,  and not because of any political distaste of Jews who defend themselves. The man is walking joke but he’s a juror in this tribunal.

Another is Ken Loach, a director and producer of movies and TV. Like Waters, there is no educated reason why a man like ken Loach should sit on this jury other than the fact that he has engaged throughout his career in Jew bating regarding Israel.

The rise in anti-Semitism in recent years due to Israel’s defense against terror on its borders Loach could only say, “I am not surprised. In fact, it is perfectly understandable because Israel feeds feelings of anti-Semitism.” Blaming the Jew for his own problems is a long standing European anti-Semitic slur that has been used to justify the hatred, unfair treatment and marginalization of Jewish communities for the last 1000 years.

Hitler’s speeches consistently carried this canard before he decided on a final solution. “If the international Jewish financiers in and outside Europe should succeed in plunging nations once more into a world war, then the result… will (be) the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe!”

Loach and Hitler, saying it’s the Jews’ fault, just despicable.  A more appropriate seat for Loach at a table discussing Jewish crimes and punishment would have been better served at the Wansee conference to codify the annihilation of European Jewry in January of 1942, if that had been possible. He’s probably sorry he missed it.

There are some lawyers included, one is Richard Falk, a self loathing Jew who long ago traded in his heritage and converted to the religion of Marxism. Falk’s crimes against the Jewish State include misrepresenting facts on the ground to draw legal definitions of Israel’s illegality since 1948.

He wrote:

“Among the salient apartheid features of the Israeli occupation are the following: preferential citizenship, visitation and residence laws and practices that prevent Palestinians who reside in the West Bank or Gaza from reclaiming their property or from acquiring Israeli citizenship, as contrasted to a Jewish right of return that entitles Jews anywhere in the world with no prior tie to Israel to visit, reside and become Israeli citizens; “

Falk would like see these “features” reversed. To do so would subject Israel to being less Jewish, less democratic, more open to terrorism, and plunge the area into Chaos, much the same way modern Lebanon has seen civil tensions leading to war and bloodshed almost constantly for the last 71 years between Christians and Muslims.

A critical analysis of Falk’s words here can only conclude that what he wants is more Jewish blood spilled, no matter how many Palestinians must die to get it done. Like most Left wingers,  he is not interested in saving Palestinian life, only killing more Jews in the process to even things up.  The idea of one side doing everything to protect itself while waiting for the other side to tire and eventually sue for peace does not seem like an option to Falk.

Then there is the South African connection of John Dugard and Ronnie Kasrils, both part of the Marxist wing of the ANC before the end of Apartheid. Since that time they have devoted their left wing activism to the downfall of Israel. Jew haters through and through Kasrils recently insinuated that the entire population of South Africa “except for the Zionists and their hangers on” are in favor of punishing the Jews for their crimes.

Dugard is a former “UN Rapporteur,” a special representative position appointed only for blaming most of the world’s problems on the Jewish State. A position passed on to Richard Falk by the way in 2007. Dugard likes to compare Zionism to Apartheid even though the two ideologies are diametrically opposed to one another. Apartheid with its interpretation of separation on account of race and Israel separating itself from an enemy,  that seeks its destruction. They are just not the same. But, without the comparison it’s easy to see how Dugard and Kasrils wouldn’t be able to blame the Jews for anything.

There are two women on the Jury, an Egyptian intellectual Ahdaf Soureif and Vandana Shiva and Indian environmentalist. While they might not be accused of the same anti-Semitic past as the others mentioned,  they had no problem associating themselves with this sham of a proceeding and no fear of being linked with some of the most prominent Jew haters on the face of the Earth, which is a little  suspicious.

Like Loach and Waters they have no special qualifications that would produce a valid conclusion in these matters. In other words, four out of the seven Jurors discussed here are not qualified to be sitting in a forum and judging the actions of Israel.

Last but not least is Michael Mansfield, an admitted proud socialist who is president of the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers. He carries a deep distaste for Jews with guns who defend themselves. His Marxist/Islamic  alliance takes a dim view of  Israel’s actions  limiting  the ability of Palestinians from launching attacks against innocent men, women and children. He calls these actions the “most heinous crimes against humanity.”

If he used his skills to get the Palestinians to drop their war against the Jews any violations perceived would melt away with a Jewish feeling of safety. But, since Mansfield’s purpose is not to find a solution to peace but a method to bring down the only democratic, capitalist, government based on Western principles in the Middle East.

It is amazing how a Jihadist group like Hamas can get such acknowledgement and respect  in the west, shielding them from any criticism for what they really are. Due to the Marxist inspired entrenchment into Europe since world War II, and the growth of these movements ironically within the free societies they hate in conjunction with the rise in the Muslim populations of Europe, they have created an unholy alliance to diminish and eventually  end the State of Israel.

Like the growth of hatred of Jews from the rise of right wing fascism in the 20th century we have now created a Left wing Marxist hatred of Jews in the 21st. Without this transformation the  unmitigated  evil of  the Russell Tribunal on Palestine could have never existed.


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