Roger Waters,  famed musician from Pink Floyd has asked his “rock and roll brothers and sisters” to culturally boycott Israel, the Los Angeles Times is reporting. 

Waters, who lives in some kind of dream world accusing Israel of  “apartheid” both inside Israel and in the occupied West Bank, has long been a critic of the State of Israel. Trying to keep alive his 1973 album “The Wall,” he has morph the meaning of that work from forcing tradition on children from their parents, to tearing down the Berlin wall, and most recently applying his vision of “The Wall” to Israel’s building of the West Bank wall to keep out terrorists.

How Israel’s defense against a murderous nation bent on killing and maiming Jews inside Israel parallels Rogers’ work is absolute folly in international politics and war. What’s the alternative Roger? To tear down the wall and return  the daily suicide bombing attacks all over Israel as we experienced from 2000-2004?

Jewish bloodletting because the other side refuses to make peace under any condition might be acceptable to Roger Waters but it isn’t to anyone understands “liberty and justice for all.”

That’s an American phrase, ok, but Waters’ homeland can certainly understand that sentiment since we Americans sort of got it from there. He has no excuses.

That’s exactly why no one should listen to rock musicians when it comes to political expediency.

One gets the impression that Waters’ is only out to hurt Israel not because he understands the conflict and its various historical components, because he obviously doesn’t, but because he is looking to gain some needed  politically correct street cred at the expense of killing Jews.

I know certain other rock and roll troglodytes like Waters, Elvis Costello, Annie Lennox etc. will prefer the destruction of Israel through the genocide of its population instead of a real, genuine peace, but I would urge the rest of the music industry and its rock and roll affiliates in other areas, to stand with us as we struggle for peace but defend ourselves and our people as long as no other option is available to us.

Baruch Ha shem on the West Bank wall and all the lives that it has saved by being there.

The wall is life, Mr. Waters.

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