I support Roe v. Wade. What I don’t support is the continued widening  interpretation of that ruling by certain elitist groups with narrowed agendas. I do not want Roe v.Wade to be overturned. I believe that it has its value with unwanted pregnancies in a first trimester situation. Personally, I would council any young woman who asked for my guidance not to abort and to seek some other alternative. But I would respect any one’s decision who would choose an abortion within that first trimester. It might not be my personal decision but I would not stand in the way of someone who wanted to abort.

Second trimesters, while maybe valid under certain conditions is a little dicier. Whether I would support it or not would depend on certain factors. I am not sure at this point what those factors might be. Time would certainly be one. I would be less likely to support an abortion in the sixth month of pregnancy as opposed to the fourth month. If a family history lends itself to premature birth might be another factor. I have to admit I cannot give a yes or no answer on this right now. In fact the only position on second trimester abortions which I am sure of,  is that Roe v. Wade would end at the end of the second trimester.

I absolutely would not support an abortion in the third trimester. Roe v. wade should not extend its influence into this portion of the pregnancy. It is morally wrong to abort a baby which can in many cases live outside the womb. We have the medical technology to help premature babies even into the seventh month. Furthermore, even before we had this technology babies would many times survive premature birth. Many fine, upstanding, maybe even famous and worthy people were born this way. We should not deprive ourselves of their existence in our world. A third trimester abortion knowing that babies can live outside the womb is morally unacceptable. It is tantamount to murder.

If that is not enough it seems that the abortion only crowd has taken their barbarism to new heights.  Partial birth abortion has to be one of the most crudely uncivilized, primitive acts a modern society can create. Not since the ancient practice of human sacrifice has civilization dipped so low beyond the bounds of human depravity. It is outrageous  that some groups would advocate such a procedure and that others, presumably a majority of the society would go along and support it. I repeat,  it is simply outrageous. It needs to be repealed  and outlawed as soon as possible. I cannot stress enough the absolute disgust I have for the acceptance of such a procedure.

The baby living law as it applies to third trimester abortions should be voted on and passed. At this point when a baby is aborted  in the third trimester and somehow survives the procedure it is not cared for in the operating room and allowed to die on its own. The implications of such a policy is absolutely horrendous. It is unthinkable that we’ve sunk to these depths that we would now not save a living human being that is outside the womb just to keep some warped sense of protecting the policy that was passed in Roe v. wade. Babies born alive, at any time, for any reason,  have the same rights as any wanted births. These are human beings and it is incumbent upon a moral society to do everything humanly possible to insure their survival.

In summary Roe v. wade was an important decision. It provides the lawful healthy environment for a woman to get an abortion if she chooses to do so. However, in the 35 years since its institution certain elitist groups have stretched the meaning of the right to choose into  a degrading sense of our liberty, making us party to barbarism, brutality, to say nothing of societal murder we might all be guilty of . I do not support a repeal of Roe v. wade. I do support a review of its intentions, and a conclusion as to the parameters of its interpretation, while maintaining a moral and ethical standard which we as Americans can be proud.

Jewish community examiner

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