Review: American Odessey

“American Odyssey,” a recent Hollywood creation profiling death, murder, political and military intrigue was released late in the spring of 2015 and played on NBC for thirteen episodes from April 5- June 28th 2015. Currently you can see the entire season on Netflix.

The best I can say about this series is that Hollywood is once again trying to force feed their myopic left wing view on the rest of us slobs out there just trying to feed our families. Although the pilot episode centers around our efforts in North Africa to put down the rise of Islam’s Jihad designed to kill all those who won’t submit, like you and me, they are not the real villain in this play. In fact, Jihad takes only a companion role and is relegated to a nameless, faceless entity so as not to steer you away from what they want you to see as the real problem.

We learn quickly here that the villain is multinational corporations, like Bechtel and Halliburton, and their military enablers, backed up by a corrupt capitalist government, not the murderous terror that has gripped the Islamic world for the past 50 years. The arm of their chaos is their private contractors, in this case called “Osela”, (we never learn what the acronym stands for) who are hired to kill according to the company’s directives. What drives this story is the murder of a Special Forces unit who targeted a known “big fish” terrorist and when viewing his computer files discover that he was being financed by these corporations.

Nothing makes the international left more content than to imagine that Muslim fanaticism is no more than a consequence and the real enemy is the capitalist dollar.

Obviously created out of a world that satisfies this left wing ethos, the producers and writers attempt to see their left wing, politically correct America hating dreams actually come true, that the one percenters are the ones causing all the trouble in the world. Are they? Well, in the warped writer’s mind maybe, but certainly not in the real world.

Of course, you would never know this by watching shows like “American Odyssey.” To say multinationals never break the law is naïve, but to suggest that they would actually get in bed with an evil like that which is spreading across the world of Islam and kill American soldiers over it is far reaching even for the Hollywood left.

Still the show is smartly produced, which only adds to its subterfuge, with lots of action and edge of the seat tension even if the story is sometimes disconnected and unbelievable.

There are three simultaneous story lines all moving in the same direction. One, is Odelle Ballard played by Anna Friel. She is one of the soldiers of the unit wiped out by the contractors in Mali. Ballard survives and fights through her “odyssey” to get back to her family, her country and to expose the proof that she has that SOC, the pseudonym Becthtel Corporation bad guy, was in business with terrorists.

Two, Peter Decker, played by Peter Facinaelli, former US attorney now working for SOC but wants to solve the crime of SOC’s involvement with terrorists. And three, Harrison Walters, played by Jake Robinson, a political activist, Occupy Wall Street type gets hold of some information and will not let it go. His tenacious personality probably inherited from his investigative writer father drives him to find Odelle Ballard. He convinces his estranged father that he might be onto something by insisting she is alive. And, when dad gets too close he is murdered for it, increasing the younger Harrison’s zeal and courage to get to the bottom of it.

The fact that one of our main heroes is a Wall Street occupier type has to say something to our audience watching the show. Big corporations bad, small hippie protesters good.

You can see where the three parallel lines are coming closer to one another in a race to discover the truth. Actually before the end of the season the two stories that take place in Washington and New York, Decker and Harrison Walters actually do meet briefly leaving the impression that they will at some point combine forces to fight the evil corporations wreaking havoc in the rest of the world. Our three intrepid dogged heroes don’t allow anything to step in the way of “the truth.”

The other Hollywood fantasy perpetrated in this story and it wouldn’t be complete without it, is the role of Muslim terrorists in the United States and North Africa. Hollywood’s answer, there really aren’t any, or as Ben Affleck so famously said on Bill Maher in 2014, “it’s only a few bad apples.” All Muslim characters even if they are accused of terror it turns out are just good people trying to do the right thing and are wrongly accused of terrorism by the evil corporations, the United States military and by extension its government that is in bed with them.

Even the Imam of the New York Mosque harboring some of these guys comes off as a sympathetic character. Just a humble Muslim trying to live a good life now in America and just wants freedom like all of us.


These are the same guys that harangue in the mosques every Friday to overthrow America decadency in favor of Sharia law, a true Muslim America. His wife even has a private alone conversation with Peter Decker meeting him behind a back door in an alley. Islam forbids its women to talk to men the don’t know without permission. She risks a severe beating from her husband which doesn’t happen. She actually tells her husband of the encounter and how scared she was. And, he comforts her and defends her on it. Does that sound like the Islam that you know?

In conclusion, this show is even more overt than others that the Hollywood left wing agenda has tried to spread through the English speaking world. So much so it is almost laughable how hard Hollywood is trying to change the way we think. Maybe it was fitting that “American Odyssey” was cancelled after one season because of low ratings. That’s a good thing, believe me.