Retraction: Anti Semitism in Stamford

I have had some push back that no anti-Semitism took place in the Stamford hill Ahavat tora synagogue last week as I asserted in my article “England’s continuing Slide into Jew hatred” . A follow up article after the main story now says that no anti-Semitism took place although it was labeled as such by several sites including the Jerusalem Post.

To my knowledge none of these digital periodicals have retracted the story. However, I feel some retractions from my own piece are necessary.

I have to retract blaming this on Muslims as they apparently were not involved in the incident. That doesn’t make them innocent in creating a new European atmosphere of hating Jews, however.  But it does exonerate their community from this particular incident.

Several other periodicals, the Jewish Chronicle, and the Times of Israel among them have since come out and said that it was not anti-Semitic but only a fight of drunken youths that escalated out of control. This was based on a second article featuring the Rabbi of the synagogue, Maurice Davis, who said:

“We want people to know it wasn’t an antisemitic incident. Tottenham is such a wonderful place to live we have tremendous social cohesion here, and everybody gets on and we haven’t had any experience of antisemitism.We have had support from our local mosque, our local churches.The owners of the house where the party took place are horrified. They came into the shul on Sunday, crying and saying they were so sorry.”

This is what you hope for when things like this happen. And, it is good to know that Tottenham is not some other places in England where Jews are not welcome and shouldn’t be seen. From the Rabbi’s statement we can now be reassured that what happened in Stamford Hill this past week was not motivated by anti-Semitism.

However, it appeared to have descended into a Jewish attack as the video released showed a growth in the ferocity of the attackers. Could that have been because they knew there were Jews inside? One of the participants had apparently stated “kill the Jews” which has not been rescinded. So we have to assume that Jewish hatred played a part if not in the beginning of the fracus, it certainly  did at the end.

The police are keeping the charges on that one youth for his outburst against the Jews.

It should be remembered that England, not unlike other countries in Europe is rife with Jewish hatred. Any outward support for the State of Israel is branded by large groups of the European left and especially British Muslims with threats and other slurs. The part in my article citing the 2010 case of thuggery against Jewish businesses is fact, and can be verified.

English courts have also acquiesced to certain areas populated by large majorities of British Muslims in the use of Sharia law over English canon law. Consequently in these neighborhoods Jew hatred is no different than anywhere in the Muslim anti jewish world. And, Jews cannot be protected against persecution or count on English law to prosecute offenders.

Maybe this incident in Stamford was not as anti-Semitic as first thought, and maybe there are worse trials to come for the Jews of Europe, but anti-Semitism at this point and time is alive and well.

England along with France, Denmark, The Netherlands, and the rest of Western Europe are falling into another round of hatred against the Jewish people, less than 100 years after the last time. Europeans are loath to accept it but the truth cannot be denied. They look for ways to convince the world that Jewish hatred is on the rise and that Muslim integration is the cause of it.  Even The Nazis built Terezenstadt to show the world that they were really not mistreating “their” Jews.

Some things never change.

And, the Islamic State should be destroyed.