Questions for CV Glines


  • Was there any personality problems with the men at Eglin. P. 36

No, I don’t know of any.


  • On not telling the men until they were on the carrier. Griffin told me that he was in Washington for a week at the end of February Davy Jones getting information about the maps and sites to bomb.

Well, they got maps, but none knew for certain. They got all kinds of maps


  • the letter that Doolittle wrote to Arnold in the first week of February, from Chunking “ to such ultimate objective as may , at that time be indicated.” What about coming back from the states. P.24



  • What was the advantage of using the back type parachute instead of the seat type. P. 41

The back type was easier to maneuver around in an airplane. The seat packs, of course you had to sit on them. They were always uncomfortable to get out of the pilots seat and get out of the hatch. They were a llittle bulky.


Did pilots usually wear their parachutes while they were flying only in the emergency situation they would put them on.

I don’t think so, but they would put them in the cockpit. I don’t think they wore them in flight but they had them right near them in case of emergency


  • Did you ever find out why Halsey didn’t send the message to Washington about notifying the Chinese of the Raiders arrvival. P.74


No, it was never explained. General Doolittle told me that they thought it might give away        their position, they didn’t know if there were submarines and of course they could send patrol boats out looking for the task force if the message had been intercepted.



  • How could the Japs be off by four days of the impending attack p.61

I have no idea. They just thought they were invincible. They told their people that they could not be attacked. It was their ego that didn’t allow them to realize that the Americans could do what they did.


  • How much time elapsed from the time Doolittle came onto the Islands and the when the last plane had dropped its bombs and was leaving.


The Japanese really  weren’t sure where they came from because the fliers came in from so many different directions. But I have never seen a time from any Japanese source, of course their were five cities that were bombed so there might have been a lack of coordination.

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