The Questions we should be asking Donald Trump

Donald Trump is steamrolling his way to the Republican nomination for president of the United States. Well, he thought at the beginning of this process that he would “run the table” but that hasn’t happened. So, steamrolled might be the wrong description.  I am sure he would deny the “run the table” comment now, because he denies all of his mistakes. But, it’s there on youtube if you’re interested.

Can we really trust him to do what he says?

He says a lot of things that appeal to the conservative voter in America. I know. I’m one of them. Building a wall, restricting Muslim immigration, and of course, “making America great again.” After the last eight years of America’s slide into socialism and with the Democrats looking to continue that slide with the next Democratic administration, conservative America is naturally gravitating toward something to reverse this trend.

And that trend most conservatives believe is Donald Trump. Are they right?

He has lowered the level of political discourse with school yard insults, childish bully tactics, and a know nothing strategy on foreign affairs, I can’t believe he isn’t embarrassing some of his more thoughtful followers.

He degrades women on a general level, even to the point of making stomach turning sexual references to his own daughter because she is so pretty.

His wavering on condemning groups like the Ku Klux Klan, his supporters are quick to point out that he had done that previously and after the flap with David Duke, just not in that conversation with Jake Tapper, feigning ignorance about Duke and the Ku Klux Klan. Feigning for what purpose? Do any of his supporters stop to ask that question?

Although when I was having dinner with a friend a couple of weeks ago who supports him you could detect a little shame in his voice in justifying Trump’s actions on the matter.

Trumps shortcomings are unlike any we have seen previously. He got through college but listening to him talk with all the “fantastics”, “amazings,” and “horribles” he uses in his normal speech patterns one wonders if his college career wasn’t bought by his rich father rather than any sense of academic achievement on his part.  Has he released his school transcripts? We’ve already got one president who won’t do that.  Is Trump no. 2?

Here is the problem with supporting Donald Trump through Cleveland and into the general election.  He has his base which amounts to about 30% of the Republican voting rolls. He doesn’t climb any higher than that. Democrats are not going to cross over as his supporters claim in any numbers that would benefit his candidacy.  In virtually every legitimate poll with Trump going up against Hillary Clinton, currently she beats him on average by 11.2 points. Real Clear politics lists them this way.

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What conservatives are doing is helping a person who should be in jail for treason become the next president of the United States. Hillary Clinton will beat Donald Trump in the general election.

More than fifty percent of voters in this country are women.  He loses to Hillary 79%-21%, among likely women voters according to the  “Face the Nation” broadcast, (3-20-16). The women’s vote which is crucial in winning any election is pretty much a big fail for the Trump campaign.  Republicans expect to lose the women’s vote as they are always four or five points behind the Democrats, as was evident in the last three elections. But, 50 points!

These dismal predictions of Hillary Clinton actually winning the White House do not seem to bother most Trump supporters in the least. They continue to ride the trump blimp into the sun, blinded by its brightness, and nestled securely that they have found their candidate.  Like their leader they can’t admit they’re wrong, and even if Trump went down they, like their man, I’m guessing would not apologize or take responsibility for giving Hillary the presidency.

We, as conservatives should probably be thankful that he will not win the election since his ideas for running things might change America, not making it better but something more in tune with the failed 20th century Fascist states. He gives no specifics, or at least they trickle out in little sound bites from his campaign leaving the rest of us to just fill in the blanks of what we think he might do.  Other than the  wall on the southern border, and maybe the Muslim thing although he has backed off that position considerably since the initial announcement, just the ideas are enough to make any conservative cringe if they are not currently drinking trump Kool aid.

He wants to open up eminent domain, making it easier for rich developers like himself to take your property when they want to build something.  Who do you think benefits most from a legislation like that? Where are our rights if his are met more than they are now on this subject?

He wants to add more ethanol to gasoline even though ethanol has been a giant failure, proving no profitability and completely subsidized by the federal government giving them another tentacle to control your life.

Does he have interests in ethanol?

He wants to do something with health care that sounds like a single payer government controlled entity, not unlike what Bernie Sanders advocates. Of course, with no specifics we can’t know what he actually will do, which should be a red flag enough to break off with him.

Maybe the most disturbing Donald Trump vision is his desire to loosen libel laws. He claims in his speeches it’s for “the people” and arouses cheers from his followers for it. Wow!

Any objective look into Donald Trump and its clear this is an attempt to silence his opposition, like the liberal press that will criticize him. This would be the beginning of the end to free speech.

What are we America if we are not free speech?

Most of what he wants he will never get through congress but thanks to the widening of executive privilege made possible by a reckless and inept  Obama administration he could just bypass congress and declare these initiatives to be law according to the White house.

A scary thought when you stop and think about it. Scarier than Hillary Clinton?

Both are dangerous propositions. As conservatives we can’t control who Democrats put up to run. If they want a criminal, treasonous, lying, incompetent like Hillary Clinton, that is their business. But we can do something about Trump. It’s not too late.

It’s time for conservatives jump that ship and go for the only other candidate left that meets our interests, Ted Cruz. There is some question whether Cruz could beat Hillary as well, but it isn’t impossible. It will be a lot closer election than the embarrassing landslide victory she will have against Donald Trump. If we work hard we can beat her.

Roll up your sleeves, get to work, and let’s begin to repair the damage to our nation from the last eight years, with ideology, not pompous rhetoric that is absence of substance, totalitarian leanings, and populist allure.