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History 496XB

September 22, 2003


Proposal Outline for Term Paper


What was Iraq’s policy concerning Jews, Jewish immigration and the State of Israel, from the years 1945-1955?

Iraq promoted a policy of  anti-Zionism during the years 1945-1955 by supporting the 1948 war with men and weapons, by creating conditions which made it impossible for Jews to live in Iraq any longer, and maintained a policy of a state of war with Israel in the years subsequent to the war’s end.




  1. The war of 1948
    1. Feel obligation to their Arab brothers to partake in the destruction of the Jewish state. They had self-serving interests in taking part in the 1948 War.
    2. They sent troops through Jordan that are mainly concentrated around Jerusalem.
    3. They were thoroughly defeated and the troops returned at war’s end with no victorious result.

After the war Jews are increasingly persecuted

  1. Hoping to implode the Jewish state, Prime Minister Nuri floats emigration plan to Arab Leaders
  2. Jews allowed to leave Iraq but without assets
  3. Jews are completely absorbed into Israeli society with in eight to ten years.

Iraq maintains a state of belligerency by refusing to lift state of war after the 1949 signing of the armistice.

  1. Iraq calls for the destruction of Jewish state by any means possible.
  2. Iraq signs armistice ending initial hostilities by April 1949
  3. Through its Prime Minister, Nuri al-Said, Iraq continues a confrontational stand against the emerging Jewish state.





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