There are only two races of people in the world, the decent and the indecent

————-Victor Frankl


The twitterverse and the internet is buzzing ever since the terrorist attack at the Jerusalem synagogue yesterday about how Palestinians are celebrating the bloodshed, lionizing the murderers as heroes, dancing and celebrating in the streets handing out candy to little children.

Unbelievable I know, but true.  It just adds proof to how far away that community is to accepting living alongside Israel in peace and security.

I wonder if the swedes, who now recognize Palestine are taking note the way the rest of us are—probably not.

As unbelievable as this is, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Palestinians have a long history of bloodlust, and death worship that is inextricably tied to their culture. Historically, the Palestinian terrorist is the quintessential model for the modern day Muslim Jihadist.

During the first gulf war, Palestinians cheered and celebrated  from their rooftops in the West bank as they viewed Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi scud missiles coming overhead to land in Israel proper.

They couldn’t wait for Jewish blood to run in the streets.

Spain, yesterday,  voted symbolically to recognize a Palestinian state hours after the murders took place, overwhelmingly passing the resolution, a slap in the face of decency everywhere.

On 9-11, you will remember the internet videos and news feeds of Palestinians singing and passing out candy before the blood of 3000 innocent Americans had dried on the streets of Manhattan.

A scene eerily similar to what we saw in the west bank yesterday.

In 2002 one year after the suicide attack of Sbarros pizza parlor in Jerusalem,  conveniently picked to kill Jewish children more than anything else,  Palestinians built a  reenactment of the grizzly scene, complete with twisted metal, broken glass, fake blood splashed over everywhere and little tiny body parts strewn throughout the exhibit.

Palestinians really liked that one.

England, who like Spain now symbolically recognizes a Palestinian State remained strangely silent of their support  reporting the murders yesterday.

George Galloway, British MP, long time Jew hater and typical European leftist, remained like his government, completely silent over the gruesome Palestinian actions but later supported the killers by condemning Israel demolishing their homes as fascist.

Just recently in the Gaza war, when it was reported that Hamas had kidnapped a soldier Gazans celebrated  so feverishly because they had possession of a dead Jew.

President Obama in his morning statement yesterday condemning the murders, practiced the long standing left wing tactic of moral equivalency stating  that the vast majority of Palestinians and Jews want peace, ignoring every indication that the majority of Palestinians want nothing of the kind.

So, we shouldn’t be so surprised at Palestinian reaction at the brutality in Jerusalem yesterday, or historically for celebrating Jewish blood over the decades. The obvious sickening viciousness is typical Palestinian behavior. The distasteful and ugly reaction from Palestinians over the attack dancing in the streets, passing out candy to little ones is part of their national ethos.

Of course, they are not like you and me. This is why the jihadist mentality in the Muslim world needs to be utterly defeated.

But, because European parliaments and American presidents tacitly accept the blood of innocents because they are Jews, and not British or American aid workers,  smacks of an earlier time in the not so distant past when some were thought of as less human than others.

Why is this so?

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