July 24, 2013

When I wrote “Pakistan, a hell of an ally” in December of 2011 one statistic that jumped out at you was that 70 per cent of Pakistan’s population at that time hated America. That’s not surprising coming from that part of the world. But, Pakistan is an ally.

According to the Atlantic Monthly article, “The Ally from Hell”  lays out some very disturbing concerns about Pakistani relations with the United states.  Disturbing because Pakistan has one of the largest nuclear arsenals on the planet behind the United States and Russia and we give $2.2 billion to Pakistan each year. It’s disturbing because they are using most of that money not for infrastructure but for preparing for a war against the United States. There are other very disturbing facts about that country. You can read all about them in the original Atlantic Monthly expose here 

A new poll has been released by the Pew Center on how the United States compares to China on the world stage. The Exchange Finance blog extrapolated out from that data the top ten countries in the world that love and hate the United States.


Apparently Pakistan’s numbers have gone up in two years as to how much they despise America. Pew researchers found that now 89 per cent of Pakistanis hate us. In the last 23 months since the Atlantic Monthly article the hatred for America has risen almost 20%. Where are the 11% who still feel America is worth supporting?

And, yes, two years later we are still giving them the American dollars to make their country stronger.

The Obama administration continues to apologize to that part of the world hoping that will stem some of the hatred. The State department continues its post World War II head-in-the-sand-strategy about the Middle East and how to make friends with it. Congress continues to fund hostile governments like Pakistan because we can’t believe that they would intentionally do us any harm.  We keep trudging along without a clue on how to deal with the Muslim world.

Pakistan was the most hateful country on Earth when it came to America. That shouldn’t surprise anyone since  the top five America hating countries in the world are all Muslim and seven out of the top ten are Muslim.

On the other hand the countries that love America were significant in that Israel was the only country in the Middle East that made that list, second in the top ten.

Oh yea, Israel isn’t Muslim, it’s Jewish.

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