December 13, 2011


If you are a listener to talk radio you will hear from time to time frustrated Americans commenting on the economy come up with some un-American  type solutions to our problems. “Why are we giving money to Israel if we are so in debt?” I heard that recently on an overnight talk radio show.

Cutting off Israel is a perennial complaint of Palestinians, their supporters, jihadists, Left wingers, Nazis, and a whole host of other fringe elements in this society.

Israel, as an important ally in the Middle East, is one country we should never burn those bridges. However, cutting certain foreign aid packages might not be a bad idea. There are a number of countries, unlike the Jewish State,  that do not stand with our democratic traditions and carry on a duplicitous relationship saying one thing for American consumption and another for their American hating constituents.

Take Pakistan for example.  According to a recent article in the Atlantic Monthly entitled “The Ally from Hell,”  our “friend” and partner in the war on terror.

The article states that recent polls show that 70% of  Pakistanis regard you and me as more of an enemy than a friend. Here’s a question. How many Pakistan citizens are there in the United States? But since they are our friends as much as the French the English or and even the Israelis there is no need to be paying attention to this community.


That is the same 70% of Pakistan that hid Osama bin Ladin, that refuses to allow us access to Taliban and other terrorist bases inside their borders accept when it serves their own interests, burns American flags in demonstrations and according to the article has been responsible for the death of American soldiers who are trying to protect us from another rise in terror on our own shores.

Let’s remember 70%, seven out of ten Pakistanis side with the views of Osama bin Ladin, think killing people in suicide missions is ok and were one of those national entities that rejoiced at the site of 9-11.

Here’s the real worry. Pakistan has one of the largest nuclear arsenals outside the U.S. and Russia in the world.   Pakistani authorities claim that these systems are highly protected and there is no need to fear. Pakistani authorities insist that the more radical elements within the population which are among the most extremist in the world can never get their hands on a weapon of mass destruction.

Do you want to believe Pakistan?

We give $2.2 billion a year to that country. What do you think they do with the money? Spend it on roads, hospitals, schools and other endeavors to improve the lives of their people? No, according to the Atlantic article they are using most of that money to finance operations designed for a war against the United States. They are using American tax dollars to prepare for a war against us.

We have enemies in this world but they are not in Israel. We should be taking a hard look at Pakistan, and decide whether maintaining our present status is really worth it.  Getting tough with Pakistan even to the point of cutting the money off probably will not affect our national debt, but at least we will be doing something to stop financing our own destruction.

This is madness. It has to stop.



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