Notes from the front pt 2

Here are some impressions from Rachel. There was a rumor that she had been killed but obviously that turned out to be false. However, it worried some of her sisters from RINJ until they found out she was ok. She has been in Mosul for awhile. And, was mentioned in the last two posts several times. If you haven’t read them please check them out. You will not get a more clear insight to what is happening behind Islamic State lines as you will from these brave women who are living witnesses to the enemy’s crimes against humanity. The articles are “The heroes of Mosul” Click here and “Notes from the front pt 1” Click here As always names are changed. Rachel is not her real name. It is a nom deguerre of my choosing to keep her and all volunteers safe where they are. Nothing repeated here is fluid or ongoing so there is no way for the enemy to trace anything back to what is happening now. If you would like to get in touch with RINJ for more information on how they roll go here.  I left Rachel’s words largely untouched, with only a few minor edits, so you can capture her voice, hopefully to get to know her. Because what she sends me is more or less a stream of consciousness I have separated in italics different subjects she touches on. 


On what daily life is like in Mosul

The Islamic State cut the hands off four more dudes today. What a disgusting habit. They were looters. Apparently these four  were breaking into houses saying they were IS and stealing stuff. I do not go out much to site see or take

having never been there I can't be sure but I think this is Mosul. Even if it isn't this is scene I'm sure has been repeated many times as they took their victory march when the conquered each town from Syria down through Iraq.

having never been there I can’t be sure but I think this is Mosul. Even if it isn’t this is a scene I’m sure has been repeated many times as they took their victory march when they conquered each town from Syria down through Iraq. photo courtesy of

pictures, but when I do, I see THIS horrible mess.

Women have it especially bad in Mosul. Daesh are always on the hunt for slaves

Females are in big trouble in unfamiliar places here. You cannot be sure who you are talking to as is illustrated by the aforementioned four dudes pretending to be Daesh. They stop you and mess with you. The best thing is don’t stop for traffic signs if you see people around or cars and men. I keep going and flap my arms in the air like a crazy woman driver. I no longer stop. I am fed up with that sexist game. (But I will run them over for trying to mess with me.)

Further threats to diminish civilization

The Daesh are threatening to shut down the medical college of the University of Mosul. I told a third year student, a

the medical college before invasion. It doesn't look like this anymore but it is still functioning

the medical college before invasion. It doesn’t look like this anymore but it is still functioning. photo courtesy of

beautiful young man with a perfect heart and an excellent moral compass who was thinking of quitting the fight to graduate “You are important and I need you–I need you to graduate. “I need you to be a saner mind in this crazy city. And to care for patients. Meaning that nobody in Mosul ever really cared for children and their families. A new generation must do that.”

Feelings about the liberation of Mosul

I am not a believer in Iraqi government or Americans coming to rescue this city. That is nonsense. They will just kill everyone and destroy the city. So either the Islamic State changes the way they govern (right now it’s a disaster and they can’t even do anything a city normally has like transportation, water, waste management etc. even though the stupid Iraqi government is paying them bloody salaries to do this work. Run the city well do your job or get the hell out of Mosul.  (This was written long before the Iranians began to take Takrit. Mosul is in their sites. So, with out us, that portion of Iraq may end up going to Iran)

On rumors about Daesh harvesting organs out of live patients

This started a few bullshit rumors but out of the bullshit rumors we heard that there was a Daesh guy in the hospital, probably a rogue, harvesting downstairs. We were confused by what that meant because we have seen any signs of an ability to transport out. I only know from two hospitals that the procedures for transplants are ad hoc. Medical supplies and equipment are not maintained. Sometimes you go do a tray for a procedure and you find something is missing. You note it on the tray report to go into the O/R but nothing gets done about it.

Rise up sisters of Mosul.


Photo at top courtesy of –the scene strangely reminiscent of an earlier time. I am sure I have seen this picture before. The men had German uniforms and the pic was in black and white, but its the same. We are living through this evil again not even 100 years later.

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