July 2013


Syrian rebels, the ones backed by senator John McCain, are deviating somewhat from their original course of ousting president Bashar Assad. They have begun clashing with Kurdish militias in Kurdish held territory.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said clashes began after Kurdish militias in the area discovered fighters from an al Qaeda-linked rebel group trying to rig one of their bases with explosives…The Kurds retaliated by kidnapping several fighters, including the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham, one of the most powerful Qaeda-affiliated forces fighting in Syria.”

Someone ought to slap McCain upside his head and shake some sense back into his naïve , ignorant, totally misguided view of that particular Mideast situation.

Both sides in that conflict are filled with bad guys. We should not be supporting either side. If John McCain wants to support something in the Middle East, he should be throwing his American weight behind the Kurds instead of breaking bread and taking photo ops with those that perpetrated 9-11.

The Kurds are like the Jews before 1948 in that region. They want their own state but are subjected to the powers around them forcefully keeping them down and subjugated. They have struggled far too long against Muslim forces in that area. Today they are carved up by Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq, each claiming a part of Kurdish territory as sovereign.

Let the bad actors in Syria do what they want to each other but if John McCain and others want to support real freedom then they should be advocating liberty Israeli style to groups like the Kurds.



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