February 15, 2015

With the recent spike in anti-semitism around the world, highlighted by the terror attacks in Paris in January,  alarm bells have been going off for the international Jewish community. Jews who have lived their lives, thinking they were protected by time against the horrors of the Holocaust are now asking themselves, is this happening again?

The next time Israel must go after terrorists in the territories will marchers and protesters take their hatred to the next step. When observing these crowds dotted with hijabs and keffiah’s Jews have no illusions about what’s coming. From the time Storm troopers were marching in Vienna and Berlin in the 20s, less than a decade later, Krystalnacht opened the door for the annihilation of a 1000 year

Antisemitism Germany 2

Other than 80 years what is the difference between this and the picture below?

old European Jewish culture.

The sporadic outbreaks of violence against Jews in Europe and the United states will proliferate. There doesn’t seem to be enough will to stop it. It’s very possible a mobilized defense of Jewish communities all over the world will need to take action for their own protection.

We have two choices, go to Israel where at least you can take the fight back to the enemy, or stay where you are and prepare your community for the worst possible scenario.

The hatred of Jewish political positions regarding Israel from Muslims, Marxist students, lawyers and ent


More and more you see anti Jewish signs like this one. Last time we ignored it. This time we take it seriously

ertainment professionals have reached a point that Palestinians will not stop trying to kill Jews in Israel. The marginalization of the Jewish community is continuing.

Jews, while passive in nature are beginning to realize that “never again” might become more than a slogan. With protections from the constitution US Jews can purchase firearms under 2nd amendment protections. Yes, the same second amendment that many Jews have been advocating against for a very long time. Some of those people I am sure are reevaluating their position on that right now.

Gun laws are much stricter in Europe so Jews there will be left pretty much defenseless as the next war with the Palestinians gets under way, Israeli successes inevitably leading to attacks on Jews in Europe. I would suggest that Jews begin their own underground weapons manufacturing plant in countries like England, France and Germany for starters. The Netherlands might also not be a bad idea. Take the cue from pre state Zionists and build your own guns and manufacture your own bullets for them so you can arm your communities when this hits the fan.

I hope this next step does not come to fruition. Most Jews do not want to fight with Muslims or violent Marxist students in the streets. But, “Never Again” means never again. We will defend ourselves if we are forced.

Thank god in America we still have the second amendment which guarantees our right to bear arms. American Jews, while not yet at the point of our European brothers, cannot deny that we are headed in the same direction and someday might experience what’s happening to Jewish communities in Europe today.

JudenOn November 11, 1938 Germany went through legislation to restrict any kind of firearm from Jews to hold. All Guns were confiscated, and severe penalties were handed to those who didn’t. This left German Jews pretty much defenseless for the darkened future that no one knew awaited them.

Learning those lessons of the past we will not be caught off guard like that again.

With the current rise in anti Semitism around the world some American Jews are taking the initiative and utilizing second amendment rights to purchase and carry guns as a means of protection against violence from either overly zealous Muslim Americans or violent Marxists who want to take their hatred to the next level.

The group “children of holocaust survivors” are sponsoring classes in understanding weapons, shooting guns and learning how to handle firearms in general. While Jewish mobilization and complete arming of the community is a long way off, attacks from Muslims and others who want to take revenge for Israel’s domination over the Palestinians is being taken very seriously.


Itamar Gelbman helps Lea Rosenfeld aim at the target during a shooting class for Children of Holocaust survivors gun training.

This is not Nazi Germany, but the dangers to Jews in the streets of this country are rising and we need to take notice.


this time we fight

We have allies. The police are good, they want to do the right thing, maintain law and order and see to it that people are arrested. Our court system will work in putting these hooligans away or if possible deported all together. Jewish communities all over the country are communicating with their police to coordinate strategies. But, that doesn’t stop the bad guys from killing a few Jews before the police can get there. That’s what this is all about.

This time, if it happens, we will not go like lambs to the slaughter.