November 17, 2014


Despite the Obama administration’s attempt to go in directions not in America’s best interests in the Middle East, concentrating on Iraq as our main ally against a growing Islamic threat, it is unwilling and unable to counter,  and trying to cozy up to our foremost enemy on the face of the Earth, Iran,  some countries in the region are leaving America behind to secure their own interests.

On November 10, Israel and India, in a joint military venture successfully tested the Barak-8 interceptor missile system marking the continuing cooperative and growing strategic alliance in the Middle East between India and Israel.  The two countries fully expect to deploy the system in their respective navies in the coming months. India is even considering using it as a ground system.

An explanation on the Barak 8 system currently employing in both India’s and Israel’s defense missile shield


What does mean regionally?

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and newly elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi met in New York last month. Although the details of the meeting were not discussed publically, the two came away with the statement that  “the sky is the limit.” That can only mean good things for those who believe in freedom and bad things for those who don’t.

With the Obama administration moving forward with the same old tired, somewhat dangerous, and diplomatically naïve response, Middle East democracies are bypassing American influence and recognizing survival depends on aligning themselves with dependable allies.

What we are seeing with this news release of the India-Israel military joint venture could be a step up in the regional military alliance between the two countries. Both  facing  similar threats being non  Shi’ite  or Sunni Muslim and fiercely  guarding democracy  as a way of life, are both  clashing with the militant Muslim world that surrounds them.

That clash doesn’t affect Obama’s White House. Well, it might if he moved it to Michigan but he is safe where he is. Not so for Israel, India and other western orientated democracies in the area.

With the news coming out now that the Islamic State is stabilizing its gains in an area roughly the size of Great Britain, controlling 12 million people  lends a lot of credence to  the Kurdish warning that their military is in the hundreds of thousands.

Of course, for the American president, this is only the junior varsity, “the JV team.”

Regardless of the Obama administration’s clueless Middle East foreign policy it is incumbent on western countries to support those that have our interests in mind. A coalition of India, Israel, and the Kurds in a reconstituted Kurdistan as a backbone to this coalition holds the key to victory over the enemy.

It’s time for the United States, taking the lead western role in the Middle east fight against terrorism to drop its dependency on an Iraqi government which is wholly unreliable and Afghanistan which has made it clear it doesn’t want us there to turn toward those that appreciate American backing.

Stand with our friends, not with our enemies.

Of course, with Barak Obama’s embarrassing attempts at trying desperately to be friends with the enemy she’ite Iran and reach a nuclear deal, it appears that this administration is completely blinded by which side its bread is buttered on and cannot tell the difference between friend or foe in the Middle east.

Israel and India will have to go it mostly alone for at least the next two years.