November 24, 2014

Peter Enav filed a story with the AP on Thursday, November 20, “Israel to demolish homes of Synagogue attackers” in which he goes into the news story of Israel renewing the policy of home demolitions for terrorists. Of course, opponents call this “collective punishment,” but if you saw the mother of one of the dead attackers the other day handing out candy and praising the martyrdom of her son’s “heroic act” you might be of a different mindset.

However, in the article Mr. Enav sprinkles one piece of misinformation, hidden, almost clandestinely,  in the middle of the article saying among other things that “Arab citizens make up about 20 percent of Israel’s population of 8 million people”

I’ve seen this several times coming from the AP and other sources, too many to list here. It appears that 20% is the going figure of Israeli Palestinian citizens. Being cynical I would suggest that this figure is brought up to show as large as possible a fifth column presence in Israel wanting show one more reason why Israel is a mistake and needs to be to destroyed.

If you repeat a lie loud enough and often enough it will eventually become truth

—-Joseph Goebbals or Vladimer Lenin, one of those totalitarians. The AP doesn’t seem to distinguish between which monsters they emulate.

Here’s the correction they need to make:

The figure of 20% might be the Arab ethnic number but it doesn’t take into account the Druze, Bedouin, and Christian Arab that amounts to at least four or five percent of the overall population.

Why is this significant?

This portion of the Arab population long ago accepted Israel’s existence and became unobstructing citizens of Israel just like everyone else. So, the fifth column that Enav and the AP so gloatingly try to maximize is actually significantly smaller than 20%.

Every bit indigenous to the land no less than Jews who have lived there since before the time of Christ, the Druze, Bedouin and Christian Arabs for 66 years have proven to be patriotic, in favor of the Zionist government, serve in the army and are represented in the Knesset.

As an anecdote the fifth victim of the synagogue Jerusalem massacre a few days ago was a Druze policeman who gave his life in defense of his fellow citizens. They are saying that his actions prevented more from being killed. He is being hailed posthumously as a hero.

A further dilution of the fifth column presence in Israel is the non Jewish immigrant population which makes up at least another three to five percent more of the non Jewish population of Israel.

Most non Jewish immigration is of Christian origin who want to live in the land of Jesus. Of course, it would get them closer if they actually lived on the west bank. But, most choose to live in modern Israel because of the easy access to Jerusalem and persecution of Christians in the West Bank, especially Western Christians, is a problem in Palestine.

There are Vietnamese boat people who wandered into the red sea during the 1970s and when all the Arab states refuse to save them at the behest of the US, Israel did it without batting a political eyelash. Those people, literally thousands of them, grateful to Israel for saving their lives, today live free and work in the State of Israel, They are strong citizens who love their adopted country adding to the cultural diversity of the state. Most have not converted to Judaism but it is not uncommon to find names like David Nguyen or Zahava Tran.

There are Filipino people living and working in Israel as house maids, construction workers, caregivers of the sick, nursing and other areas of medicine. Some who have chosen to call Israel home feel a natural kinship with Israelis, like Israel,  the Philippines also battles a Jihadist insurgency for decades now. Some have taken citizenship, serve proudly in Israel’s armed forces and have added to Israel’s body politic.

There is a community of American Blacks who call themselves the “Black Hebrews” who have existed in Israel since the 1970s. They are not Jews but they operate in Israel as if they are.

Then there are the B’hais. Forced to leave fundamentalist Iran because their very lives were in danger in the early 1980s after the revolution, these people relocated their world wide center to Haifa. They live and work free in the Jewish state as equal as any other. They find a tolerance of practicing their religion that they could not find anywhere else in the Middle East.

When Israel left southern Lebanon in the 1990s, their Christian allies in the South were not numerous or strong enough to hold that part of the country for themselves. Their lives would have been taken in a genocidal battle with Hez bollah and the other Lebanese Muslim militias who hated them always because of their Christian claim to Lebanon which the French had left to them when they vacated in the 1940s. They have added a strong dimension to the valued Christian community of the Jewish State.

With them and all the others over the decades Israel has become home to more than a half million Israelis who immigrated there from somewhere else are not Jewish and not Muslim.

This is the fabric of Israeli society. Jew haters, Marxists, anti-Zionists, and Muslim terror groups  like to point to  Israel being an exclusively Jewish society to make the claim that it is racist and somehow acts like apartheid did in South Africa, nothing could be further from the truth. This diatribe might very well be fabricated to prevent the world from understanding that these conditions to do exist in the Arab world where slavery is still practiced and Christians and others have problems living under Muslim rule, however not in Israel.

So, when you consider Israel’s non Jewish population other than the Palestinian Sunni Arab, the figure might be as high as 8-10% of Israel’s non Jewish population, and the figure of what anti-Zionists would like to point to as a fifth column problem for Israel might be as low as 13-15%, you begin to see how widely diverse and inclusive Israeli society is.

Israel is an island of freedom surrounded by a sea of oppression.