A rather disturbing video was released by Fox News, on Thursday, November 20th. Ami Horowitz, decided to go to UC Berkeley, to wave two flags and get the reaction from students. He raised and waved an IS flag, chanting anti-American  slogans and asking for support.

Second he waved an Israeli flag, and used pro-Israeli slogans, accusing Hamas of all the crime that happens in that part of the world.

The reaction of the two bits were somewhat this side of astounding. Waving the IS flag and chanting anti American slogans was received almost acceptingly, at least there was no opposition to the terrorist movement’s anti-human policies. More disturbing was some positive comments from students walking by and remaining silent over a guy waving an IS flag asking for support.

One, passerby, even told him “good luck.”

This is not Syria, Amman or the Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem. This was the UC campus at Berkeley California.

Waving the Israeli flag the reaction was quite different. People were hostile, ridiculing and appeared that many more people were offended by the Israeli flag.


Berkeley students were more offended by the Israeli flag than the IS flag.

Is it possible that the cream of our youth are more accepting of IS, engaging in the lowest form human depravity. And, not only accepting of that ideology but the same campus attitude found it extremely offensive and uncomfortable to be waving an Israel flag in their midst.

Is this indicative on most college campuses? Are American youth so warped in their thinking that “liberty and justice for all” is no longer the best possible option for political choices in life.

What happened to the youth of America and how are we going to change it, because we have to change it? Not to will spell a very different world in 50 years when this generation is passing on to the next generation the birthright of liberty.

We could be looking at a new dark age before this century is through, where oppression and persecution and tyranny, instead of freedom and tolerance become the norm.  Jews, Christians, women, homosexuals, and a variety of other groups could find themselves marginalized in a world gone mad or worse.

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