Israel no longer enjoys majority support from Democrats

Poll shows clearly, certain elitist anti Jewish elements in the Democratic Party  are finally starting to sprout fruit.

Frank Luntz’s most recent poll on attitudes toward the State of Israel shows more than ever before a clear distinction between Democratic and Republican voters. A higher percentage of Democrats do not support Israel, while Republicans are overwhelmingly in support of the Jewish State.

If you want to see the breakdown of Luntz’s poll, go here. 

Luntz concludes that for the first time Israel does not enjoy bi partisan support.

Why that is Luntz doesn’t explain. Here’s what I think.

Three of the main elitist power structure groups of the Democratic Party sit in a borderline anti Semitic position, if not full blown Jewish hatred and envious of Jewish sovereignty.

One, Democratic blacks, who are the most anti Semitic group in America, have led this charge against Jewish liberty and in favor of a Palestinian State with or without a Jewish population since the late 1960s. Two, a growing Muslim presence in America, gravitates toward the Democratic Party. Their position is clear. Destroy Israel in favor of one state from the river to the sea. Third, the hard leftwing of the party, mostly Marxists, and while containing elements of the first two groups also have a large contingency of self-hating Jews who are the loudest of that faction in criticizing everything that Israel does.

Of the 50% in the poll that is anti Israel, Democratic Party Left wing Jews might be the most interesting to consider.  They claim  support for Israel, but that support manifests itself into the most radical of Left wing Israeli politics.  They are willing to give anything up to the Palestinians in order to get some kind of withdrawal from the West Bank including compromising on Jerusalem and Palestinian demands for right of return. If that’s not possible then they would prefer a unilateral withdrawal to the green line taking all Jews and Jewish resources with it. After what happened in Gaza in 2005, not many Israelis are willing to do that again.

They call that supporting Israel, but obviously it is the Palestinian recipe for the Jewish State’s eventual destruction.

With the change of Jihad moving on the Levantine landscape Israelis are even less disposed to talking to Palestinians about any kind of separation. That will have to wait as reflected in the position of the current Israeli government.

Luntz’s poll should not be considered a surprise. The 1972 Democratic Party platform included for the first time recognition of Palestinian rights at a time when the PLO was hijacking planes and killing Jews at an alarming rate inside and outside Israel. Every Democratic platform since has given more rights to the Palestinians and less to the Jews.

We all remember the 2012 Democratic Convention, former mayor of Los Angeles Anthony Villaraigosa taking an up and down vote to decide whether their platform should be revised to support Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and to re insert “God” into the Democratic Party platform. The vote from the floor clearly did not have the two thirds majority required to pass, but Villaraigosa passed it anyway.

With the worst administration since Eisenhower toward the Jews of the Middle East, it is no wonder that Luntz came up with the conclusions he did.

The 2016 election could be a watershed in Democratic voting. The question is will moderate Jews, who are not on the hard left, and others who do support Israel stay in lockstep with these borderline anti-Semitic elements that now govern the Democratic Party. It is possible that you could see a real shift in the Jewish vote.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you see for the first time in American history Jewish voting more than 50% in favor of a Republican candidate, especially if that candidate is one that is more moderate on domestic issues. Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Carly Fiorina, Dr. Ben Carson, or George Pataki to name a few. Any one of these candidates might be acceptable to the typical Democratic Party Jewish voter.

Given the choice of voting with those that would see Israel ultimately destroyed and those that would implement conservative domestic policies they cannot fully endorse, leaves Democrat Jews with quite a dilemma.

Even if the Republicans go with a candidate that reflects the conservative base it does not mean Democratic Jews will not vote for them. Jews being an historically pragmatic people, in my opinion will vote with the Republican candidate given those choices.

Repairing domestic policies that will satisfy their liberal politics, can be had in the future, but destroying the Zionist enterprise, the first Jewish State in two thousand years, and the end of the dream of our ancestors, is something I don’t think most liberal Democrat Israel supporting Jews will allow themselves to be party to.

It is quite possible with the current trends you could see them vote for a Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee or yes, even a Donald Trump in the 60-70 per cent range.

2016 is shaping up to be very interesting.