Islamic anti-Semitism in America

I put a statement on my Facebook page recently that declared the three most elite groups that make up the Democratic Party are also the three most anti-Semitic groups in American society. Basically my post read:

“The most anti-Semitic group in America—Muslims. The second most Jew hating group in America—The African American community. And, the third most anti-Semitic group in America—The hard Left wing. All staples, all essential. All three make up the core of the Democratic Party”

I took some heat for this assertion mainly from Left Wing Jews. Left wing Jews are in complete denial that this problem even exists. To do so would precipitate moving their political affiliations out of present Democratic Party politics and into where their Jewish interests lie—the Republicans. Can you imagine Bernie Sanders leaving his independent alliance with the Democrats and begin to vote more with the Republicans in Congress?

One particular astute observation explains it this way:

“Some prominent American Jews, particularly among those who cannot escape the narcotic-like trance they have inherited as “progressives” and are essentially secular and ultra-critical of capitalism and American society with its underlying Christian values, have developed a new kind of psychological self-hatred to exhibit a disassociation from the State of Israel and their religious heritage.”

To counter their denial most Jews blame right wing extremism. Since the end of World War II this ridiculous notion that a handful of right winged Nazis and Holocaust deniers are responsible for all of the Jew hatred coming from the United States is frankly absurd. This brand of anti-Semitism is used as an excuse to face what they know deep down to be true.

It reminds me of the German Jewish community in the 1930s that took out full page ads in the newspapers in full support of the anti-Semitic influences of Adolph Hitler, not to be alarmed about what the Nazis were saying about us. They more or less explained that Jews had been through hard times before and always came through which was true to an extent.  Hitler was good for Germany and therefore good for the Jewish people regardless of their blatant and violent anti-Semitism.

That German patriotism, refusing to see the writing on the wall cost Jewry six million lives and the death of a 1000 year old European culture. American Jews are practicing the same kind of Russian roulette with the six million Jewish lives in American culture today, barely a generation later.

The evidence is overwhelming that today’s anti-Semitism comes from the Left, that very same left wing that holds the vast majority of Jews and their flirtatious romance with the Democratic Party. They have built a coalition with other like-minded groups to strengthen their position. The African American and Islamic communities in the Democratic Party along with the hard left have formed a block of Jewish hatred that has not been seen in the western world literally since Hitler’s Germany.

The rise in the American Muslim population is palpable. It is accepted fact that it is the fastest growing religion in the United States.  Along with conversion, immigration plays a vital role in increasing the democratic roles in winning elections. This voting block presents as close to an existential threat  to Jews as is  humanely possible in what remains still a free country—for now.

There is no difference between the German Jewish denial of the threat in the early 1930s and the threat coming from the Democratic Party today.

Because the topic is so immense I am only going to deal with Islamic anti-Semitism in this article. I might do the other two anti-Semitic groups at a different time. I haven’t decided yet.  But, it should be noted that it never could have risen even to the level it’s at now, without the direct action of Jewish support on the hard left of the Democratic Party.


 A recent study by the New York Police Department finds that more than half the terror plots uncovered in New York City since 1992 have been directed at Jewish citizens or institutions.

Last June the Anti-Defamation League whose responsibility it is to keep track of Jew hatred in the west had some interesting findings on college campuses. The long standing bastions of free speech and exchange of ideas are apparently changing their agendas. The ADL reported that there were twice as many anti-Semitic incidents on college campuses in 2015 as in 2014.

A 2009 North American poll taken by Steven Baum, founder and editor of the Journal for the Study of Anti-Semitism, made some startling discoveries even when separating out hatred of Israel, a prime component of Muslim anti-Semitism. Jew hated was still more than double of any other group in American culture.

“Muslims believed their group experience and group identity, i.e., their socio-cultural and religious worlds, were invariably threatened by Jews. The least anti-Semitic Muslims did not identify with their social and group sense of self, but with their more evolved individuated personal identity.”

In other words, the more secular the Muslim, the less likely he was to be anti-Semitic. Anecdotally, it is interesting to note that the exact opposite exists with Christian anti-Semitism. It is the more religious that is less anti-Semitic and the non-religious i.e. secular to atheistic Christians where you find more anti-Semitism per capita.

Thanks to current political correctness all three of these American studies do not mention the persons or groups most responsible for the rise in Anti-Semitism in the last twenty years in America. But, that rise is directly proportional to the rise in the Muslim population here which could explain the phenomenon.

According to the Pew Center as of 2007, 65% of Muslims in the United States were born somewhere else and most of them came from Arab countries where Jew hatred runs higher than in non-Arabic Muslim countries.

Here is a simple nonscientific test you can do yourself to determine how pervasive Jewish hatred is in Islam in America. Go up to any religious looking identifiable Muslim, start up a conversation and then ask at some point what is their opinion of Israel. My guess is that over 90% will express a less than favorable expression of Jews on that score. Purely unscientific of course, but interesting nonetheless. I have done this maybe ten to fifteen times over the last 15 years. I have never gotten any favorable response about Jewish sovereignty on that land. So, you decide.

Here is my plea to my people: You need to wake up to what is happening before it is too late. True, we may have another full generation to go before the unthinkable happens but with the writing on the wall, and considering our history against our enemies, can we really afford to wait?

Call me paranoid. I don’t care. I only wish someone would have called the Jews of Germany paranoid before they decided not to oppose Hitler with everything they had.