Iran bullying the United States


Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, appearing on the John Batchelor radio show out of the New York City on April 17, talked about Iran and its bullying the United States by its  actions in the face of a coming nuclear deal in June of this year.

With both the United States and Iran not able to agree on what will be an agreement in June, Hoenlein stated that Iran’s present actions do not show it to be a country which is looking for peace. Specifically, he pointed out several indications that Iran is escalating its military hegemony over the Middle East even as the US and Iran haggle over what was agreed and not agreed during the previous talks. They are taking “definitive actions” toward something other than peace.

  • It has an agreed deal with the Russians on the delivery of the S-300 missile system which both the US and Israel apparently have no counter for, and would according to Hoenlein make it more difficult to strike at their nuclear facilities.
  • In the last two weeks two North Korean ships, with North Korean markings docked in Iranian ports and were unloading missile parts.
  • They have announced their continued support of Hamas and Hezbollah transferring more sophisticated weaponry to both entities. And, of course, they are continuing their support for the Yemini rebels as well. These provocations are raising the tensions in the Middle East, and bringing the possibility of war ever closer to Israel and the gulf states.
  • Hoenlien didn’t mention it but Iran’s foray into Iraq makes this more of a game changer for the West. If Iran takes Iraq it will be in possession of more of the world’s oil than it is at present, and at present it is one of the world leaders.

Hoenlien expressed concern that the other side, the P5+1 countries are doing little to reign in the Iranian actions, giving the world’s largest sponsor of terror a free hand to make all of these provocative moves.

Several European oil companies are now in discussion with Iran on deals which would be set to take place when the document is signed. That combined with releasing over one hundred billion dollars in Iranian money from American banks, held since the 1979 revolution are also a consideration.

Iran has demanded that no deal will happen unless all of that money is released upon signing.

Batchelor then followed up asking about Hamas and its re arming and repairing of its tunnel system in lieu of rebuilding Gaza from last year’s war with Israel. Although they are not getting 80% of the supplies being sent by Iran due to  both Egyptian and Israeli efforts, they are utilizing all available cement to rebuild the tunnels. Earth moving equipment and activity in those areas can be clearly seen from the Israel side of the border. The same holds true for the northern border with Hezbollah although it was not mentioned.

The good part to all of this is that Hoenlein announced  that Israel has developed and is deploying a new sensor system specifically designed to ferret out these tunnels for a more proactive military response to the enemy’s usage of tunnels to kill and kidnap Israelis for exchange of terrorist prisoners held in Israeli Jails.

Israel is also building a seven mile earthen barrier to keep Hezbollah from crossing over in any attack from the North. So apparently Israel is responding to the threats as they exist. Of course, nothing was scarier than to watch Hamas come out of those tunnels and kill and try to kidnap Israelis during the last war. Apparently the ball had been dropped beforehand because the IDF knew that these tunnels were being built and did nothing about them. A Yom Kippur war apathy had set in to the Israeli military complex in dealing with these issues. But, that appears to have changed now.

Both Batchelor and Hoenlein pointed out several times Iran is not acting like a country that is devoted to peace in exchange for putting its nuclear program on hold. On the contrary Iran is stepping up its activities to create more bloodshed in an attempt to spread hegemony over the Middle East.

Without the constant vigilance by the Western world led by the United States to hold back Iran from turning the Middle East into a Shia led caliphate, which no doubt would be oppressive to the Sunni majority, is happening right before our eyes. The U.S. led Obama administration appears incapable of setting its influence into the region and stopping Iran now. Like repressive overbearing regimes in history no matter where they are, this is a recipe for war. Mr. Obama’s naïve foreign policy will result in millions dying unnecessarily.

And, all this with no end in sight.

 Jon Stewart with Bill O’reilly discussing Iranian nukes and a few other things. You almost get the feeling these two genuinely like each other.
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