If you can envision a circle with many layers on it like growth rings on a tree the very center would be mercantile Europe before the beginning of the industrial revolution. By 1760 in England and after 1770 on the continent the second ring would be in place for England and the rest of Europe embarking on industrialization and therefore taking manufacturing and other economic sectors to new heights mercantilism could never have achieved.

After Western Europe’s socialist revolution in 1848 the center for industrial expansion shifted to the United States. It took some time for the U.S. to overtake Europe as the manufacturing leader but by 1870 most of the Western world knew that the future was in America forming the third ring.  Check Tocqueville c. 1850 and Max Weber c. 1900. America and the west pretty much led that situation reaching its height after WWII. By the 1970s the industrial sector began to shift to Asia beginning with Japan in the 1950s forming the fourth ring.

If I had to hazard a  guess as to where the next outer ring of industrialization will take hold I would say Africa and some of the poorer island nations in the South Pacifica and Atlantic. In other words visualizing the industrial movement of going where the cheapest labor to produce the cheapest goods is a growing phenomenon.

The poorer countries therefore wait their turn and the capitalist nature of Industrialization picks them up and moves them forward.

When each of these rings gave way to a new ring, the society with the previous ring degraded somewhat, while  the poorer society now gained more wealth with the acquisition of that next ring, by industrializing their culture. As the rings get further out  so does the decline of the previous industrialized culture. Europe hardly produces anything anymore. And, America is turning its industrialization over to the East.

What might change is that we entered a new age at the end of the 20th century,  digitization and internet technology. This might change forever how we view manufacturing, like the way industrialization changed the view of mercantilism starting in the 1760s. Digitization will produce a capitalist world with industry focusing on robotics, computer graphics, CNC technology, essentially moving away from human producing to machine producing.

That is as far as I can take this theory

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