June 6, 2010

Another prominent leftist is out of the closet. Helen Thomas was asked the other day what was her feelings about Israel. She said plainly, “they ought to get the Hell out of Palestine.” In referring to the Palestinians she referred to them as an occupied people.

Now taking into consideration her age which I think is 90 she might have forgotten that the Jews have not occupied Gaza since 2005 and only occupy about half of the West Bank since the 1990s. She also thinks the Jews “should go back to Poland or Germany” and then realizing that might not have been the best thing to say, she added “America, and everywhere else. “

So, probably some of her long standing Jewish allies explained the facts of life of making such statements so Helen almost immediately retracted the statement ” Oh, did I say that?” (my emphasis). In the apology she said, “They [her previous anti-Jewish comments] do not reflect my heartfelt belief…”

Aah, Helen, I think you already revealed your “heartfelt belief.”

Dispicable yes…but predictable.


Well, Helen Thomas is one of the most Left wing journalists in the Washington press corp. And, the Left as opposed to the Right is at this point in history the main purveyor of anti-Semitism in the world.

Actually the Left is just full of this sentiment.

Just this week when Israeli soldiers took over the ship Rachel Corrie as they promised they would do if the ship would not yield to Israel’s demand to have their cargo checked for weapons.

All the bluster of Turkey sending war ships and threats to incite more violence against Israel’s soldiers turned out to be nothing, as it usually does. Israel boarded the ship without incident. The passengers reacted  with the predictable  non violent resistance. But, shouts of anti Jewish slogans could be heard by the soldiers, “go back to Auschwitz,” and other nasty slogans the Left is so famous for in recent years.

This ship had some very prominent people aboard, a Nobel peace laureate and a former senior UN diplomat. They are committed leftists and support the Palestinian drive against Israel,  so ugly remarks smacking of a time when some tried to wipe the Jews off the Earth does not surprise me.

What is surprising is the silence about it from the rest of us. Why does the world put up with it? What’s even more surprising is that Jews in America, the majority which support the Left and its causes, stay in that camp.

They listen to this vitriol coming from their own allies and do nothing about it. Now it is true that slowly, slowly, Jews are seeking the tolerance and equality of the right. They are coming over, but far too many remain in the Liberal wing of the Democratic Party and accept, like everyone else, this ugly, disgusting, rhetoric.

Leftist ideology might have one time been where the Jews found their salvation but the first decade of the 21st century is nothing like the first half of the 20th. The Jews are stuck in a time warp.

Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton, and let’s not forget Farrakhan’s comments about Judaism being a “gutter religion. “ Groups like CAIR and Aztlan identify with Democratic Party politics but if you visit their websites you will see ferocious attacks on Jews. And, yet the Jews almost in mass stay connected to the Democratic Party.

Here is my message to my people.

If you expect to become and remain liberated you better start realizing who your friends really are. It’s politically counterproductive to stand elbow to elbow with your enemy. Your cause has changed, it is not the same as our grandfathers’. You need to realize it and begin the painful reassessment of the perennial causes that you hold so dear. You need to look more closely on what will protect us and Israel from danger and move toward that light.

Rush Limbaugh here we come.


Jewish community examiner

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