March, 1998


One of the many personalized pieces I wrote for my daughter Hanna. This was written when she was only seven years old. As soon as she learned to read I gave this to her.


As you know Hanna you were named after Hanna Szenes. She is one of my favorite Zionist heroes and I hope someday she will also be yours. She was a very talented person. She showed she had a talent for writing poetry when she was only a little older than you are now. Maybe when you learn to read you will be able to read some of the pieces she wrote.

When she was in Palestine she volunteered for a very dangerous mission  to fight the Nazis. Allthough she knew that there was a chance that she could die she wanted  to help save some Jews and rescue her own mother. She was caught . They tortured her. Although they hurt her very badly she refused to tell them what they wanted to know. In the end they killed her. She died fighting for what she believed in. Her life was very short but she made it count for something good.  As you grow older Hanna, you will come to realize what a brave and talented person Hanna Szenes was. She practiced a lot of goodness in her life. I hope that someday you are as proud of being named after Hanna Szenes as I am.


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