Hamas Lies in 2014

Palestinians regularly engage in lying to justify  their case against Israel. There are so many examples of this I am sure, you, the reader, are thinking of a couple right now reading this. But, let’s just concentrate on Hamas last summer in the war of 2014.

Hamas and their proxy supporters, the western Left and the rest of the Jihadist world,  tried to accuse Israel of “killing babies,” in their growing body counts each day of the war.  Israel’s enemies have done a good job to emphasize Palestinian fatalities , which included inflated numbers of innocent people, children, old people etc., while Israel’s counts appear to be largely ignored by the international community.

The only criticism Hamas receives on how they conduct war against Israel is that they make their battleground right in the middle of their most populated areas. This increased damage to the community, destruction of homes and the loss of human life in a densely populated warzone like Gaza city for example can be staggering. Hamas civilians mixed with combatants  creates the ideal battlefield for the Jihad mentality both during the war and after.

Israel for its part conducted the most humane campaign possible. Warning people that they were coming and that they  should clear out, either by dropping leaflets, calling individual homes on the phone or the technique just started in Operation Protective Edge, “roof knocking.” This is a process by which Israel shoots an unarmed blank at the roof of a home warning the inhabitants to get out. It makes a loud bang, shakes everything, and really is quite terrifying. If you don’t want to leave after an Israeli knocks on your roof, then you’ve got to have a death wish  Usually within four minutes the real one comes and demolishes the house. If anyone doesn’t heed the call they will most certainly die in the explosion.

Human causality numbers are reduced thanks to Israeli efforts, but under Hamas’s rules of engagement in the neighborhoods it remains nearly  impossible for Israel, to eliminate civilian casualties  completely. Hamas’  argument which is not very substantial says that they can only fight the Israelis inside the neighborhoods because Gaza is so small and so dense there is no open space to designate a battlefield and fight the Israelis away from the population centers.

That is another lie.

Starting from about 40 seconds in you can see from this that there is plenty of vacant valleys and hill perches to defend their land if that is what they want to do.

If they really were an army for the common defense and, therefore had as their first and foremost mission to protect their people as Israel and other civilized armies around the world are designed and obligated to do, they had the means to do it. But, they didn’t want to do that. There are a couple of reasons why Hamas would never fight this way.

To fight out in the open, away from the towns and cities, would quite literally mean the end of Hamas in short order. It is no exaggeration to say they would be annihilated by the  IDF within 24-48 hours and they know it. They can barely hold up in the type of urban warfare they conduct now. With all their bluster and chest pounding propped up by Iranian weaponry and training,  they are well aware of the capabilities of the Israeli army and would never chance that kind of non asymmetrical battle. Hamas would cease to exist. They need to the protection of the civilian population making it harder for the IDF to kill them without killing innocent people.

The other reason is that Hamas knows how much mileage they can get out of civilian deaths, especially children. Along with their Western Marxist counterparts they can drive Israel down in world opinion. So even if they lose the war as they have done three times now since 2009, they can still deteriorate Israel’s international standing by calling on the International Criminal Court to draw Israeli soldiers and political leaders to stand trial for war crimes. All the while they encourage civilian deaths including children.

That’s why last summer they fought in the neighborhoods. Launched rockets from apartment houses,  and adjacent UN centers where Palestinians were taking refuge from the fighting. Those casualties, serve a special purpose to the Jihad fighter. They use them against the enemy for their own ends to achieve whatever victory they can salvage out of the devastation they caused.

Even Amnesty International usually very mild for Palestinian actions against Jews gave a scathing report of war crime after war crime during the 2014 war. Please take a look at that report here.

And, while they were at risk of being thrown out of Gaza or being accused of spying for Israel during the war  certain war correspondents now are speaking up of what they actually saw. Consider these reports, that main stream media has suppressed for some reason.

Finnish reporter Aishi Zadan confirmed that a rocket was launched from a parking lot at Al-Shifa Hospital.”

Gallagher Fenwick of France 24 told his broadcast  “Rockets were just shot right next to where we are standing, so I’m not going to sit here, stand here very long, because usually there is a [IDF] strike just moments after this occurs”

“A rocket, was fired from about 160 feet away from a hotel where foreign reporters were staying. ‘This type of setup is at the heart of the debate,’ Fenwick observed. ‘The Israeli army has repeatedly accused Palestinian militants of shooting from within densely-populated civilian areas and that is precisely the type of setup we have right here. Rockets set up right next to buildings with a lot of residents in them.’ (Palestinian kids can be seen playing near the rocket launchers).”

And, probably the most damning evidence of their crime against humanity, the NDTV video shooting Hamas setting up a rocket launcher in the garden area right outside their room of their hotel. Literally hundreds of reporters from around the world were staying there. Obviously Hamas wanted the Israelis to attack the area after firing the rocket to maybe kill a number of reporters. Just think how that would have gone over, after the body counts of children, (now we know were inflated) were going up  day by day.


All of these reports are verifiable. All reporters here have twitter and email addresses. You can ask them yourselves if you want to verify. Then go to NBC, CBS, ABC CNN and the New York Times and ask them why they didn’t show or use their stories. All of these so called news organizations collaborate with Hamas lies on a regular basis.

It appears that Israel was correct and the accusations against Hamas true. That would make their assertions that Israel is killing children on purpose. In other words it’s another lie. More than being a lie, it is Hamas that is setting up their own kids for the excuse of martyrdom. It is really just whole sale murder.

One of the best liars the Palestinians have is Hanan Ashrawi. She is a long time propagandist first for the PLO, now for the PA and any of the jihadist groups that now exist among Palestinians to murder innocent Jews  instead of the defunct  PLO. “Either they [Israelis] have the worst army in the world that constantly misses targets and hits civilians, or they are deliberately killing civilians. You cannot call them collateral damage.”

Ashrawi’s comments about the Jews of Israel are always hate filled and cynical. But, she says she doesn’t hate Jews, just Zionists. I’ll let you ponder that for a while.

She is one of the best liars they have. She is a highly respected spokes person for the Palestinian violence. She’s on American TV all the time on the so called main stream news shows. One thing Ms. Ashrwai has correct though. “You can’t call it collateral damage.” They were supposed to die. They were part of Hamas’ strategic war machine. Without those civilian deaths including 500 children (not sure if that figure is correct) Israel’s operation would have been a perfect surgical strike knocking down all who came up against it with killing weapons. The same result that would have happened in an open battle field. So, yes this is not collateral damage, it is part of Hamas’ victory definition.

So, to sum up Hamas and the other Jihadist groups operating in the territories need those other two factors to have any chance of destroying Israel, fighting only in urban centers among the population, and taking civilian casualties. The more, the better.

Hamas could have very easily have fought their war in the summer of 2014 in a way that would have protected most of their population. They chose not to. It’s quite clear what their motive was. To have as many of their children and others become casualties in that war so they could blame it on the Jews. This is a 14th century mentality when human life was really expendable in war.

And, the Islamic State must be destroyed.