Oct 2014

Golda Meir’s now famous statement ends with “…We will never forgive you for forcing us to kill your children”

These now prophetic words spoken by Golda Meir, former prime minister of Israel, almost 50 years ago, are never more true than today. The problem has become much larger in recent years as the terrorists recognizing the weakness Israel has for protecting innocents and its propaganda value around the world has put this center stage.

For Israel, its soldiers on the ground, the people they’re protecting inside the Jewish State, and all of its supporters around the world, grieve for the loss of children in Gaza, and other innocents. There is no greater issue than preserving innocent life in war for Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has said repeatedly, “put the blame where it belongs, on Hamas.” Israel grieves deeply for four boys killed on the beach a couple of weeks ago, the errant tank shell that hit that school instead of the terrorists firing rockets into Israel next to it, and the shopping area which was hit by mistake.

But, what else is a country to do in protecting itself in a situation like this? There are no clear answers except to kill the enemy until he loses his will to fight. In the case of Hamas that would be something on the order of killing the Japanese on every Island from the Solomon’s to Okinawa and threatening to invade mainland Japan in World War II.

Rather than surrender to a lost cause, the Japanese fought nearly to the last man, dying for nothing,  and sacrificed thousands of innocent civilians in the process. Luckily most of those islands were sparsely inhabited so they were mostly able to get out of the way. Hamas has almost two million people to go through in their failed war against Israel.

So far, Israel has still not gotten to that point to take the fight to that level. If it weren’t for Iron Dome neutralizing Hamas rockets and the discovery of the tunnels before Hamas could accomplish their order of terror and murder, thousands of innocent Jews might have lost their lives.  That would have been a game changer, but it didn’t happen so Hamas stupidity kind of paid off in their favor—this time.

ABC news interviewing Col Tomer Ifrah, a commander on the Gaza border, on the effects of killing children has on him and his men, “I see my own kids, a child is a child is a child. We do everything we can to avoid hurting innocents. It is the first thing we brief on every day. But sometimes, it happens.”

If you believe the Hamas authority figures, the vast majority of Palestinian dead are innocent civilians. At this writing it’s approaching 2000 dead and thousands injured. They don’t give figures of their fighters killed. They don’t allow injured fighters to be seen on video. This is a very well kept secret by Hamas. I guess they have enough morale problems as it is.

If all they want is to lift  the border sanctions it could be done tomorrow. All they would have to do is lay down their arms and pledge peace and Gaza can be turned into something beautiful.

But, Hamas cannot and will not do that, because that would mean they would have to live with the “stinking” Jew on the other side of the fence. They want to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews. With an enemy like that I think Israel has been remarkably restrained in its actions.

Oh, and the first line of Golda’s prophetic words from above, in case you’re interested is “We can forgive you for killing our children but…”

Phtoto courtesy of TimesofIsrael.com

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