Gaza and the crime of crimes

From one of the worst self hating Jewish leftists in one of the most anti Semitic sovereign countries on Earth.

Ronnie Kasrils, former South African politician, post Mandela freedom, has weighed in on what happened in Gaza this Summer.  He states  through al-Jezeera, that bastion of fairness and egalitarian methodology in reporting the news, “Millions of us in South Africa collectively recoiled from Israel’s gruesome assault on the people of Gaza during those 51 nightmarish days of Operation Protective Edge and the attendant on going cruelty in the West Bank.“

Why is it that anti-Israel propaganda  sparked by the International Marxist left, always starts with either a distortion of the truth or a complete denial of the sequence of events? It’s so Sol Alinsky, I’m not sure even Sol Alinsky would think it appropriate.

Although Marxists like Mr. Kasrils  categorically deny it.  Israel did not start or want that war in any way shape or form and only reacted to protect itself.

Hamas was firing rockets into Israel for days before Protective Edge began. Israel held off, partially because of the protective shield Iron Dome provided in its first real test on the battlefield. Nevertheless Israeli commerce,  frightened grandmothers, scared children and frustrated travelers running for shelters day and night could not continue indefinitely.

Because of that, Xinhua news agency along with many others reported on July 1,“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday warned Gaza’s Hamas rulers to either halt rocket fire from the coastal enclave or bear the consequences.”

It was then when Hamas didn’t stop that Israel began its offensive. Assuming that Mr. Kasrils is quite aware of the sequence of events why doesn’t he acknowledge it and admit his own country wouldn’t put up with that either. Or would he posit that the defense of South Africa does not extend to the Jews of Israel.

To always call the Palestinians correct in every provocative action they take, and condemn the Israelis for  every reaction they take in their defense sparks some fundamental questions about Mr. Kasril’s and all those who support these ideas.

I would like to ask Mr. Kasrils and the people of South Africa if Jews have any right to self determination at all. Or, is it actually true that Jews can only live in this world as chattel, for some other land and not as a free and sovereign people. Mr. Casrils devoted his whole life to freeing the black man but apparently Jews are not worthy of that same freedom.

The anti-Zionist community demonstrates here through the international Left a latent sense that Jews are just not good enough to live like South Africans. How long before some future Israeli action to protect itself will South African Jews supporting Israel start paying for that support in persecution or worse? Or, is that happening now?

Like comparing Zionism to Nazism, Mr. Kasril’s penchant for Marxist rejection of everything successfully western, draws those well-known diatribe parallels of Israeli and South African Apartheid. Apparently totally lost on Mr. Kasrils, and before him his boss Nelson Mandela, is that the circumstances that built Israel/Palestine today are not nearly the same as what built Apartheid out of South Africa.

Afrikaner philosophy was a racist ideology that saw the white man better than the Black man. Since he was inferior, there was no reason to ever treat South African blacks as equals. One of the more despicable political systems ever devised by modern man.

Zionist settlers, were not racist, they had a special ingrown repulsion for such thinking. Their motive for leaving Europe was precisely because of the racist  wall they ran up against themselves.

Jewish settlers  struggled for years to make peace with the Palestinian Arabs. As early as the 1920s these attempts failed because Palestinians didn’t want it. They wanted the Jews out, and if not out, then dead. The Left, personified here by Mr. Kasrils is 100% behind the Palestinians in their struggle to do that.

What South Africans term as apartheid in the occupied territories is actually  protection from a hatred so mean and low down, it would kill and mutilate indiscriminately men, women, and children if given the opportunity. One only has to look at the nightmare years of 2000-2004 before Israel put up the wall on the West bank to stop the killing of innocent Jews, to know that this is true.

Mr. Kasrils knows this. Everyone knows this.  But, Mr. Kasrils along with his Marxist comrades  deny this to keep up the hatred of Israel.

The Black man in South Africa, according to the writings of Nelson Mandela would have jumped at a chance at inclusion into white African society. To live as equals, is how Mandela used to put it when he was still incarcerated. Africaner leadership never gave them that chance.  Racism embodied in Apartheid made that impossible.

The Jews have spent the last 140 years trying to give the Arabs that same chance to be equal and work together. Or, at least since 1967 to reach an accommodation on two states, the original intent of UN Resolution 181.

Mr. Kasrils, needs to understand if history had been somehow different and the Jews, instead of the Afrikaners would have settled in South Africa instead of Palestine, there would have been no need to struggle for equal shares of everything. Their never would have been a need for the ANC, unreasonable incarcerations, or any of the other ugliness that was South Africa until the early 90s. With Zionism instead of Afrikaans, It would have turned out quite differently.

Judaism is not Afrikaans, and Apartheid is not protection from harm. The comparisons are absurd

I got news for South Africa and all the rest of the Anti-Israel world reading this. “Gaza and the ‘crime of crimes’” does exist, but it has nothing to do with the Jews.  The crime is that Mr. Kasrils and his Marxist ideology prevent him from supporting those that are righteous and moral, regardless of their Western, capitalist liberal governments. Their ideology blinds them to justice and everything that is decent and righteous.

Supporting Palestinian terrorist activities and applauding the mayhem it creates for Jews around the world, and openly calling for the death of Israel without a single hesitation on the cost of such a venture in human blood, is absolutely unconscionable.

Anti-Israel believers on the Political left  never seem to afford the same concern for Jewish children as they do for Palestinian children.

In this latest round numbers as high as 500 Palestinian children were killed. We have no way of knowing how true that number is but if it was only one, it would have been one too many. One four year old Jewish boy was killed when a mortar round hit his kibbutz. I haven’t heard one condemnation from the Left of the ones that fired that mortar. I haven’t seen one pic or video of the devastated parents on twitterverse or the internet. Are Jewish children not worth the time?

Because the numbers are so lopsided Mr. Kasrils and the international Left that spearhead this hatred of Israel believe it isn’t  necessary to mourn one Jewish child’s death. Perhaps they might if Jewish casualty numbers were closer to that of Palestinians. In other words, more death would make them more humane.

Something definitely wrong with that thought process.

I actually heard a CNN commentator with a perfectly straight face calling for the Jews to stop using or give Iron dome technology to the Palestinians so the playing field could be morbidly more level. Jewish blood is apparently very cheap with Leftist Anti-Zionist crowd.


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