May 2015

Amy Klein’s article that this piece was based on is no longer available which is a little strange as I was able to find all the other articles that I posted to my “Other writings” tab. . It may have been removed because I shamed her, I don’t know. She never got in touch with me but the reaction I got from others at the Jewish Journal seemed to indicate  that this might be the case. She was defended, not on her article but personally, as if I had attacked her and not her subject matter. So, you won’t find her article but if you do a search on her at the Jewish Journal you will see that in recent years her Passover contributions have been more in line with my arguments here. Did she reflect positively on my article even though she didn’t have the nerve to contact me personally when I sent it in 2007? I don’t know. But I am happy that she now is taking the message of slavery at Passover time to the real slavery that still exists in our world, not some trumped up, stylized, bleeding heart story of what is not slavery in the U.S.

Larry Hart

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