November 5, 2014



Voters in Oregon this past Tuesday November 4, voted down in a landslide victory 68-32% Prop 88, an initiative to grant driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

Eva Longoria, Hollywood actress, and confirmed liberal donated through her organization The Latino Victory Project, $50,000, second highest to the Service Employees International Union’s (SEIU) $100,000. Of course the SEIU would want this, their Marxist agenda excludes working Americans in favor of illegals. They don’t care anything about this country and if it means controlling another part of the economy they are just a little closer to swallowing it all up.

Eva Longoria however, you would think that in a country that has given her so much, money, fame, and adulation, that she would want to give something back instead of trying to break it down by helping those that have no right to be here in the first place.

Passing legislation like drivers’ licenses to illegals is un-American on several levels. Rewarding illegal aliens for breaking our laws is not the message we should be sending to Eva Longoria and all those who think like her.  Our government stands against it, but, our president has threatened to bypass congress and grant amnesty to everyone here that has broken those laws that Eva Longoria wants to break. No wonder she is a frequent visitor to the White House. Foreign governments  invited to the White House  sanction and help those to leave their countries, where resources cannot support their poor populations, and come north and drain our resources here.

Eva Longoria has nothing to worry about. Illegal aliens and getting drivers’ licenses, and adding one more occupation to “those that Americans just won’t do” will never have any effect on her. She currently has several projects in the works, making millions of dollars a year and will continue to do so.

The American worker be damned.

But, for every former construction worker, every hotel and service worker, all those in gardening, landscaping, property management, and everywhere else where wages have suffered because the work of people like Eva Longoria.

She ought to be ashamed. But, I know she isn’t. The ivory tower of Hollywood that she lives in protects here against  actually experiencing the suffering that she is putting so many Americans through with her actions.

She continues to wallow in the praise of pseudointellectual sycophant cronyism that supports her efforts to hurt more Americans.

I am so happy that Oregonians slapped down that notion of giving the Eva Longoria’s of the world a way to deteriorate us a little more, even if it’s small thing like a driver’s license initiative in a state that only contains four million people. Oregon is a solid blue state. Oh, it has its share of long haul truckers and lumber industry hard nose beer drinking, gun toting all American  conservatives, but like its giant neighbor to the south has seen a transformation in the last thirty years to supporting just about every left wing cause that goes down the pike.

it’s good to know that even liberals can see through to the dangers that something like this possesses—even if Eva can’t

She could  use her money to invest in resource projects in those countries like Mexico, El Salvador etc., to raise their standard of living so the people  won’t want to come here and then buy tickets for all those who are here illegally want  to go back home and enjoy a better life in their own countries.

Her thought process doesn’t seem to go that far. She would rather encourage more law breaking by giving illegals drivers’ licenses in Oregon.

Eva, start thinking…please!

This is what Eva should be doing. Flashing leg and explaining how to make guacamole. she is just a total dolt when it comes to political expression.