Europe’s dilemma with the Jews

While the most recent attacks at a café in Copenhagen, Denmark and another senseless murder of a Jew in a synagogue were taking place, five French teens were vandalizing hundreds of graves in Saverne, France.

Given the Charley Hebdo murders last month, the French might be the first western nation to lose its Jews on  account that they can’t keep their country safe and free for everyone in it. Prime Minister of France, Manuel Valls,

French Prime minister

French Prime minister

issued this statement. “My message to French Jews is the following: France is wounded with you and France does not want you to leave,”

A rather presumptuous statement to make considering the French government is really powerless to do  anything about the rise of anti Semitic Jihad in their country. Of course, France isn’t alone. Any western country is probably just as weak to protect Jews and others who are the targets of radical Jihad. They are getting the worst of it now because the French Muslim population has reached higher numbers than in other places and consequently the number and severity of Jihadist attacks are higher.

Harbinger of a sinking future.

While the French Jewish community appreciates the  Prime Minister’s concern, Jews are not that impressed. They might yet make an exodus out of French territory.

Like other western countries France is balancing between keeping their democratic freedoms and working to end Islamic terror in their country. Creeping Jihad is testing the limits of democratic freedom. It’s almost as if the enemy is using our own freedoms against us. Liberty is preventing western nations from doing something drastic. For example:

After a thorough vetting process has been initiated to expose all currently dangerous and future potentially dangerous Muslims to the Western way of life, deport the non citizens  back to their country of origin and exile Jihadist French citizens to any place they can be sent. Devil's Island 1939 Devil’s Island 1939

Syria sounds good. Or, if that’s too scary maybe reopen Devil’s Island. Plant them all there to make whatever life they  can, just with no way of escape.

Since France and other western countries are nowhere near that kind of Draconian solution Jews have two choices. They can emigrate or they can stay and arm themselves and defend their homes and families, the way the French government should, but won’t. For those Jews who emigrate most will probably go to Israel, because that is the one place where they can be the safest in a world that is not safe for Jews.

Some will go to the United States, which would be a mistake because while safe at the moment, America is maybe two or three decades behind Europe. For those who chose the U.S., they are probably condemning their children and grandchildren to the same forces that are driving them from their homes now.

Besides Israel was created almost explicitly for this purpose, to take in Jews who are in danger anywhere in the world.

So, while France, Denmark, England and the rest of Europe accept their fate to what they have done, the Jews don’t have the time to wait for them to figure another non workable solution. Jews have paid dearly for European mistakes in the past. Jewish European history has taught them some very practical lessons. A death here, a rape there, shootings almost on a regular schedule all perpetrated by Jihadist Muslims they allowed into their countries as a politically correct liberal proclamation of tolerance.

After the Copenhagen incident, Denmark’s ambassador to Israel, Jesper Vahr, promised that  Denmark would do

Jesper Vahls Danish ambassaddor to Israel

Jesper Vahls Danish ambassaddor to Israel

“everything in our power so that the Jewish community in Denmark feels safe.”


That more or less echo’s the French statements last month, and nothing has changed.

The Jews of Denmark are currently standing with their countrymen. However, the deteriorating situation in Europe has to be on the Jewish community’s collective minds. A choice must be made for Europeans. Either you keep the Jews who are peaceful and have the same values as other Europeans, or you keep the Muslim community where jihadism hides until it comes out to destroy. As far as Jews are concerned, one or the other will have to go.

While the Europeans are making that decision they should not forget that Jews aren’t the only Jihadist targets. Non Jewish Europeans are also paying a huge price for this historical mistake. Most of the Charlie Hebdo victims were not Jews. The director slain in the Copenhagen café was also not a Jew.  It appears the Charlie Hebdo murders set a pattern. First they go after the Kaffir, then they go after the Jew.

So, it’s not exactly like the Nazis but the results are the same.

If they choose to keep their Muslim populations, even without the Jews,  the violence will continue and escalate. The choice is up to them. But, Jews will do what is necessary now to survive. Well intentioned Europeans should understand that.

Choose quickly. We don’t have much time.

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