Here’s how much the Obama administration cares about Israel. It has used all of its  weight to keep Israel from taking out the Iranian nuclear program for its own political purposes. Six million Jewish lives hang in that  balance for Obama’s re election. That smacks of 20th century brutalities that should not sit well with any Jew, anywhere. The whole issue, the cheapness of Jewish life through implication, the refusal to stand up for another democracy, the only one in that region, and Obama’s incessant attitude to try to see the two sides between Islam and Judaism in that part of the world as morally equivalent is just inexcusable in my thinking.

Israel knows it’s alone in this matter. Promises of never allowing the Iranians to develop a bomb is worth no more than a cup of coffee if you also have two sheckels in your pocket. Most Israelis have always revered American presidents in the past, even Jimmy Carter. But they are very disappointed in this president. How can that be if the letter writer is correct in his arguments?

With the exception of some very left wing groups in that country which are none too different than our own left wing Jews here, Israelis cannot sanction Obama’s Middle East policy. No American president has ever  been so negatively discussed in the history of Israel. You probably have  to go back to Eisenhower calling it a “pipsqueak nation.”

True, other presidents have said things against Israel but none have stood in front of Islamic audiences and said that America might have been wrong in some of its Middle East policies, implying the special relationship between Israel and the U.S.  No president has ever put the distance between the two militaries as Obama has done. Strategically with the rise of Jihadism that is absolutely unforgivable.

No president has ever so flagrantly talked out of two sides of his mouth.  When he went to Sderot and said, he understood the Israeli position consolidating the statement by saying,  if  he lived there he would defend and protect his  children with his life. But when the rockets continue until this day Obama threatens Israel that American condemnations might be forthcoming if it retaliates. The reason being no one has been hurt. I guess terrorizing isn’t enough. It appears Americans won’t stand with the Jews unless Jewish blood pours into the streets. Israelis are not in the habit of waiting for that but on the other hand it doesn’t want to antagonize the one nation in the world that can keep it alive if necessary. So, that is a major source of contention.

Yes, the Obama administration condemned the Goldstone report. I was very happy  about that. Don’t know why they did it, since they felt so impotent in stopping Israel during that operation to begin with. But it happened and I’m going to leave it at that.

The letter says that America stood with Israel during the Gaza flotilla incident. That is not entirely true. Our remarks about it were more measured than Europe but they usually are with these issues. We chose to take a middle of the road approach, in not condemning fully, but certainly not defending either Israel’s actions. The U.N is historically replete with U.S. abstentions in the security council when all the others are voting to condemn. So, I am not surprised at that tactic.  I am surprised that the letter writer would ignore the possibility that someone might call him on his oversight and still have the gall to put it in there.

The mention of the boycott of the Durban racism conferences is entirely disingenuous. We boycotted them not because of Israel but because we are condemned as racist in those conferences as well. They are attended by every bad actor on the planet. Achmadinijad, Chavez of Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, and other assorted communist and anti American groups in Africa,  South America and the middle  East. Obama didn’t go because of the Jews; he didn’t go because of accusations against us.

The other presidents mentioned who condemned Israel publically was more for show because our so called Arab friends had condemned us for giving Israel the tools to pull off the Entebbe raid, a C130 used to bring back 102 surviving Jews, and f-15s in destroying the Iraqi nuclear reactor. Behind the scenes they were high fiving each other, I assure you.

How large a roll did the Americans play in the escape of Israeli officials in Cairo during the “Arab spring?” I’m not sure. But, I know for a fact that it was an Egyptian commando unit which actually took those six remaining people out of the embassy and brought them to safety. Egyptian, not American. The writer of the letter does not explain that very well.

Interesting that the writer brings up the nuclear reactor in Iraq. I would add the following:

That condemnation was not from Ronald Reagan or the administration in general,  but , from Casper Weinberger who carried on a one man crusade to condemn Israel throughout his eight year post as Secretary of Defense.  He had a real bent against Jews anyway. He was always criticizing Israel for anything it did. He was probably ashamed somehow of his own Jewish roots. I always thought of Weinberger as a modern day  Torquemada the inquisitor.  By the way, Jonathan Pollard who secretly passed the information to Israel so they could pull off the bombing was convicted for high treason and has been in jail for 30 years.  Even Russian spies have not been treated as poorly. Weinberger spear headed that also. That American Jew did all of us favor as the future showed.  He has proven to be more of a hero than a traitor both in Israel and the U.S. Casper Weinberger be damned.

That would be a good October surprise if Obama would let him out this week. They know about him, Jewish groups have been advocating his release forever. I worked on that campaign myself during the Clinton administration. Think Obama will do it? What harm could it do? Let’s see if he does it. It would go a long way to  bring back the Jewish vote that they think they are losing. It sure would do more than a letter sent to the community claiming to be from the embassy of Israel filled with vagaries and notions designed to bring back a community that overwhelming voted for Obama in 2008.

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