England’s continuing slide into Jew hatred

I wrote the following in 2010 regarding anti-Semitism in England:

Gone is the ideal of the England that gave western civilization the Magna Carta and the Glorious Revolution. Gone is the England abolishing slavery peacefully 30 years before we ended it only in conflict, and then led the industrialized world in women’s suffrage. Gone is the tradition of the stiff upper lip, pride in one’s traditions and the legacy of Winston Churchill standing up for decency and justice sacrificing English lives for exactly what England is turning into today. If this poison is allowed to proliferate, we Jews are going to be the first victims of this dangerous new England.

Is it too late? you tell me.  

What does the future hold? Right now it’s dark, and getting darker.


The answer is frankly, it is getting darker. Apparently, things have gotten worse in those five years, and you have to wonder where this is going to end up. The Jerusalem Post is reporting an incident at a synagogue where anti-Semites hemmed in a congregation of young Jews and would not let them out, hurling objects against the door breaking windows and yelling foul epithets.

It was reminiscent of the Nazis herding Jews into their synagogues in Bylorussia during the German invasion of Russia in1941, and then setting them on fire to burn the Jews to death. The only thing missing from this incident is the setting the synagogue on fire.

The imagery gruesome, the scene familiar, the horrifying feeling of vicitimization that we all thought we were protected by a wall of time that could never reach into the 21st century, or any Jewish future again. Instead, we are wondering today how far this will go until someone stops it.

Worshippers at the Ahavat Torah congregation in Stamford Hill, a suburb outside London, held off a group of drunken party goers who had not much else to do that night except when they passed by the synagogue, decided to practice a little anti Jewish thuggery.

Shouts of “we will kill you” were reported along with other threats and insults.

Police confirmed that they were treating the attack as an anti-Semitic incident. Six men were arrested for disturbing public order and assault.”

The thing is, I’m not sure if any of these thugs will ever pay for the crime. There is precedence in England for letting this kind of activity go unpunished, as long as the crime has been committed against Jews. Five people were acquitted of charges of vandalizing a Jewish owned factory in 2009, because they successfully convinced the court that this was an act of resistance against Israel, not common hooliganism.

Stunningly, the court agreed and the five perpetrators who destroyed a business, put dozens of people out of work, endangered a community, walked smugly out of the courtroom knowing that England was finally turning, to see things the way they do. .

So, don’t be surprised if these guys never spend a day in jail for their crime. England, like France has turned a corner. Those countries are no longer safe for Jews to live.

It was evident from the video on the Post article that the police were not there during those few critical minutes when people could have been hurt or killed. So, they may be well meaning and want to do the right thing, but Jews should not depend on the authorities in England, either national or local, to be able to help them during these situations.

Because these attacks can appear out of nowhere, and proliferate and get uglier by the second the police in any European country are not a good defense. European Jews, need to understand that this time they cannot ignore the signs. Jews will not go like lambs to any slaughter. “Never again” must turn from a slogan to a battle cry.

Unfortunately the video has been pulled, I guess by the one who took it. He should have left it up for all of us to view. It was important for both sides Jew and Gentile to see.


The Jews of Europe have two choices.  They can leave or they can stay and fight. If they choose to stay, they need to arm themselves, form para military units to protect Jewish synagogues, businesses and neighborhoods, and be ready to shoot those that want to do them harm.  They cannot expect any help from law enforcement or the nation’s military. They must protect themselves.

If they are going to go, the should go to Israel. That is the only place on Earth where Jews are protected and will stay protected. They can come to the United States. But, they must understand that America, while ok at the moment,  is not a haven for Jewish life and we are following in the same footsteps as Europe. We, here in America are  about twenty five years behind the European Muslim acquiescence. The main thing is that they get out, and they get out now.

These two choices are what separates what is happening now and what happened in the 1930s before the annihilation began. There was no State of Israel to immigrate to. And, hindsight is a costly teacher. No one could foresee that 1930s brown shirt attacks on German and Austrian Jews would, a few years later turn into one of the worst genocides in history.

With the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January, and the recent troubles in Denmark, now English Muslims with this latest incident in the London synagogue, is proof that anti-Semitism in Europe is on the rise again. It should be noted that it is no coincidence that Jewish hatred in democratic countries is directly proportional to the per capita size and influence of the Muslim population of each of those countries.

The incident is not isolated. There will be others. And, as the Muslim community becomes more embolden by an impotent politically correct democratic system which refuses to enforce its own laws against this kind of thing, once again leaves the Jews of Europe to their own defense.

Never thought I would to see this in my lifetime. I thought the Holocaust was the one and only time. Boy, was I wrong. Here it is. It’s real, it’s scary and it’s obscene. But, at least we are aware of it and have no illusions about those who hate us.

And, the Islamic State should be destroyed.


The photo at top courtesy of Pamelageller.com

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  • Alan

    March 25, 2015

    Stamford Hill is not outside London, it is well and truly inside London. I grew up in Stamford Hill. Maybe you should look at a map of London before you write. Otherwise I totally agree with you. But the rot started ages ago and was pursued by successive Labour governments and local Labour councils. As long as the marxist labour party has any say in things nothing will change.

    • Larry

      March 25, 2015

      Yes, you’re right I should have checked a map. From the source I used, I just sort of surmised it was a suburb of London. My apologies, I meant no offence

  • Phillip Pasmanick

    March 26, 2015

    You open your story with:
    “The Jerusalem Post is reporting an incident at a synagogue where anti-Semites hemmed in a congregation of young Jews…”

    Rabbi Maurice Davis related to the Jewish Chronicle that “there was a party happening across the road. We think a Jewish boy at the party ran out and got into a fight with other party-goers on the street. He came into the shul and it got out of hand, that’s when the other people smashed the windows.”

    So, your incident was not motivated by antisemitism. You need to clarity your mistake to give your piece credibility.