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to Mark, Michael

i’m sorry, larry, who are you? what are your credentials to be arguing what palestine was in the late 19th century?  what languages do you speak? which archives have you visited? what archaeological sites are you familiar with? how many records of the islamic courts in various localities have you read? which consular reports? how many documents from various jewish/zionist bodies have you gone through?


I’m not presenting at a conference for publication. I am answering a highly politicized view of Israeli history. And, I want to be sure that people see both sides here. Or, more to the point, a more complete picture of what happened. So, don’t hide behind any scholarly level you think you have over me, just prove I’m wrong and you’re right in your interpretation of the facts.


before i take the time to engage this, please resend with full citations for all your arguments–not to someone else’s writings you are not qualified to judge (unless you are a credentialed scholar, which you have not indicated you are), but with primary sources beyond some pronouncements by arab leaders who lied to their people every day of the week for decades. Yes, they did. Good, we agree on something.   otherwise, i don’t understand why we are having this discussion to be honest. You think you are better than me because you have a PhD and I don’t? You really just need to read what I wrote and comment on it.  the fact that you take a cable from azzam pasha as the gospel truth about what happened in 48 is, to be honest, ludicrous. I take nothing as “gospel truth.”  If you read before and after those statements, what I’m doing is presenting examples of the atmosphere in May of 1948, nothing more. Can you show that the Arab States did not intend on destroying the Jewish State as it came into existence? you want to know what happened in 1948 during the war, read shlaim and rogan, whose volume is replete with the best scholarship by leading scholars using archival materials,


I read most of the New Historian works, including Schlaim and Rogan,  and I don’t deny their validity . Read my piece I talk about that.


or better yet, read nasser’s biography, that I haven’t read. Is it in English? But, I have read John Bagot Glubb’s biography. He was very clear on what his objectives were. He understood his limitations and his Legion’s abilities in this conflict. He was not undermanned or untrained. During May and June of 1948 it was the best fighting force in the Middle East.  as he was radicalized in part by the utter gap between the bull shit rhetoric of egypt’s leaders and the realities of poorly equipped, undermanned egyptian forces. or read the hagana intelligence files, or read the ISA files on the war, all of which i have done. precisely what archives have you visited and used to make your arguments?


 Read my piece then ask those questions pertaining to what I wrote. It’s all in there.


Like Michael Lerner you also wrote and began making accusations and questioning what was in my email without reading it first. In Lerner’s case he even resorted to ad hominem attacks. Are you guys just so not used to having a credible opposing response to your view on Israeli history that you just write it off before you even read it? Please read the entire retort, then comment.

thank you for sending the final version larry, i’m still not sure which is which because there are older parts. It was sent in the same chronological order you wrote to Jon Voight. I can’t make it any planer than that. plese send clean and fully referenced. i see upon second look that you indeed have some references. you are flat out wrong about pre world war 1 palestine, You mean that Palestine was in a state of modernization when the first Zionists settled there? Fine, show me where that is wrong. however. i suggest you check your sources. i have not had time to go through everything else but will try to do so where you provide sources.




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