Death for a Jihadist

Tszokhar Tzarnaev, has been sentenced to death. Good. It is the only possible sentence to give to his level of crime. A terrorist, a jihadist no less, bent on killing Americans, taking one small step toward the ultimate goal of bringing down this country and establishing Sharia law over the freest country ever in the history of mankind.

He deserves to die.

All of this ignorant talk that a life sentence is more of a punishment than execution must stop. Once Tsarvaev  stops breathing you will see why nothing is harder than losing your life. The right of the people to carry out a sentence of death for a crime like Tzsarnaev’s is not only justified but demanded by a free society such as ours.

All you have to do is look at a picture of young Martin Richard, 8 years old, Red Sox fan, four feet from the blast, body torn to shreds, and bled to death in his injured mother’s arms, to know Tsarvaev needs to die and die quickly.

He spoke for the first time at his sentencing. In an accented voice he said he was sorry for what he had done to the victims. Most were not fooled by it. Reading the transcript you get the feeling that he would do it again, for jihad. He never faced the victims or the families in court while giving his statement. He praised Allah, Islam’s name for god that gave Tsarnaev the ideology to carry out this murderous action in the first place.

His group of friends have been mentioned sporadically during this ordeal. Reading his statement I can’t help feeling that there are some others out there affiliated with him that might be planning some kind of retaliation. Are we looking into that? Have we got his “friends” under surveillance? Or, better yet, have they been deported so all they can do is think about it, and can’t do us any harm, at least not at the moment.

The should be watched, carefully. If the Obama administration is not doing that, why not?

Tsarnaev should be allowed to get to Allah just as soon as possible. There should be no gaps in his execution.

This is the fourth article I have written about Tsarnaev since the beginning of his trial. I hope the fifth and final article will not be more than a year from now so we can mark his execution together in ending this awful chapter in US terrorist history.

I propose changing the laws concerning executing mass murderers in a democratic society. All of the appeals stretching out for what amounts to decades should be abolished. The law should be changed so that he is allowed one appeal, just to make sure that there weren’t any procedural errors in his trial. Once that is satisfied nothing should stand in the way of his execution.

It would be a miscarriage of justice to have Tsarnaev sit around to what would amount to a life sentence anyway until he is 40 or 45 years old before we finely are done with him. The quicker we get rid of this piece of dirt, the quicker we can wipe our hands of it and raise ourselves up out of the gutter from which we were taken because of his actions.

While waiting for his execution we should get to work on tightening up our immigration policy. No more Tszokhar Tsarnaevs. No more jihadists. No more questionable Muslims coming into this country for higher education so they can take that knowledge back to their home countries and use it to take down our buildings and kill innocent Americans while they’re sipping their morning Java.

This policy is madness, and should be stopped.

Every Muslim coming into this country needs to be completely vetted. It should be so hard for immigration from Muslim countries that many would just give up on the idea of coming here. In the case of political refugees, those seeking asylum from war and violence, like those currently in Syria, should go to any one of the other sixty-seven Muslim nations that are not experiencing that kind of violence. They should stay among their own kind. They would be happier and we would be safer.

If justice is truly served Tzokhar Tsarnaev should be executed within one year from this week when his sentenced was handed down, sooner if possible.

Return the right of a speedy trial to the people.

All Jihadists must die. There is no other way.