Criticizing the Mohammad cartoon event

Pamela Geller seems to be taking a lot of criticism for her Mohammad cartoon event that she held in Garland Texas on May 3rd. What is so surprising is that the criticism for holding the contest in the first place, was absent of any praise that the contest was the instrument that removed two murdering Jihadists permanently from our midst.

Muslims and Muslim organizations condemned it but that is to be expected. CAIR, The Council on American Islamic Relations, condemned both the event and Ms. Geller for inciting racism against Muslims, but that organization has dubious ties to enemies of the United States, and has no credibility in this case. Plus they have shown themselves to be proponents of terror against Israel, of Sharia law, and they defend those that promote hate against any American who stands against what they believe.

But, Geller’s criticism is coming mainly from the American Left. Say what? The way they make it sound it’s like their disapproval of Geller’s tactics is more of a threat than the Muslim extremism she is trying to stand against.

Hey guys, whose side in this fight are you on anyway?

The insults and invectives maligning Geller are extreme and come with some very nasty comparisons.

Kathleen Parker from the Washington post, wrote:

“Not since Westboro Baptist Church’s “God Hates Fags” message and Florida pastor Terry Jones burning the Koran has the principle of free speech been so sullied and abused.”  Ms. Parker seems to be confused here. I’m not sure how she can miss that the Westboro Baptist Church’s disgusting displays sullying and abusing free speech is fundamentally different from Pamela Geller’s tactics to seek out and expose Jihadists living among us.  Gays and dead soldiers’ families are not trying to kill us or take away all of America’s freedoms. Jihadists are on the move working toward that end as we speak.  Her comparison is not thought through.

Chris Matthews of Hardball, who is always good for a sound bite on things like this compared Geller’s group  to the Nazis bating the communists. More insults insinuating that Geller is no different in her hate than the Jihadists.  When Jihad is looking to kill us, and Pamela Geller is standing in their way, Chris Mathews ought be thanking her for her service.

Juan Williams said on Hannity “I think … that she is like a pyromaniac who goes before the judge and says, ‘Oh, yeah we’re setting those fires just to see how fast the fire department can respond. She intentionally was provocative in her actions.” Once again Juan comes with an over the top hysterical analogy to something his liberal views just can’t accept. That we have enemies and they cannot be negotiated with.

Do they actually believe what they are saying? Jihad is gunning for all Americans not just conservatives like Pam Geller.

Pakistan-protest- Garland

What is wrong with this picture? Why are they allowed to do this in Texas and get away with it? Don’t we have some kind of sedition or treason laws that says that this goes way beyond their right to protest? They are advocating the murder of innocent people because they don’t believe in their brand of Islam. Is that the American way?

On Pamela’s own website she published a photo from the Dallas Morning News showing Muslims in Texas condemning Pam Geller, but also praising the wannabe killers. That is proof enough that not all Jihadists carry the actual weapon that kills us. Many are only here in support. Many are urging their sons to kill when they get older. Many will never understand the freedoms that this country gives them other than using those freedoms to destroy them for everyone else.  There must be twenty or thirty in that picture. And, I don’t know how many more off camera.

Those guys in that picture should be identified and rounded up and have their citizenship revoked if they are citizens. They then should be deported back to their countries of origin. For all those who are in that picture and were born here, they should be exiled to any country that will take them.  Oh, and give each a good swift kick in the ass as you send them out of our midst.

I wonder what Kathleen Parker, Juan Williams, or  Chris Mathews would do if a Jihadist attack which included some of their own loved ones, could be thwarted by a Pamela Geller event,  if they would be so vociferously against her actions.

The Southern Poverty Law Center regards Pamela’s  organization as a hate group . Since Morris Dees, the chief trial council of the center and most of the top officers in that organization are members of my own tribe, I wonder if he would still be so loudly condemning Pam Geller if Jihad attacked a synagogue and killed innocent Jews.

Since we are their favorite  targets, this is a nightmare that is just waiting to happen. But, Dees and his left wing buddies would prefer to support condemning the one women with balls big enough to stand up to Jihad and tell them no , not today.

We have a serious problem in the Free world. That problem is Jihadist Islam. It is far more pervasive than most people think. Liberal, conservative, it doesn’t matter. If we don’t stand together in wiping  this out, we will be defeated by it.

Liberals need to swallow hard and leave their tolerance for murder and mayhem by a seditious enemy at the door or they will die, defending them as the last hack of a Muslim terrorist’s machete takes off their heads. And, none of us want that. Take a cue from Bill Maher, who doesn’t come any more liberal than any of you but who recognizes the danger we are in and would be willing to stop it any way necessary.

Pamela Geller and Bill Maher think pretty close alike when it comes to Islamic invasion into our way of life. You need to do the same.

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