April 2012

In this week’s op-ed, “Again” Rob Eshman tries to build a case that the most recent ghastly murders in France were something other than Jihadi inspired with a particular bent toward anti-Semitism.

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Leave it to Liberal left wing sensibilities to reduce Muslim fanaticism to common street crimes which haven’t even been solved yet. Because Eshman is apparently totally comfortable living in a world that shows no gradations of evil, he makes the comparison of the still unsettled investigation of that tragic and possibly criminal shooting in Florida with the Toulouse murders. Comparing Trayvon Martin’s killing with terrified eight year old Miriam Monsonego being grabbed and yanked by her hair and then having her brains blown out at point blank range on video is not the same as what happened in Florida. Unless you are part of the Mob that wants to string up George Zimmerman without a trial you have to admit that there are profound differences in intent, execution, motive and style.

The video of the murders will undoubtedly show up on al Queda websites as a recruitment tool. But,  Rob Eshman sees a moral equivalency in these two crimes.

The fact that Trayvon was black and the shooter was half white has propelled the incident to National proportions  with President Obama claiming “if (he) had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” And of course, the Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton crowd getting the usual mileage out of it, it must be ecstatic for them to be back in the limelight whipping up black suspicions of how the white race still has it in for them.

And, then there are those journalists like our very own Rob Eshman without conscience snuggling up to this mob and confirming for our community one of the great crimes of our lifetime because after all George Zimmerman’s hatred is the same as Mohammad Merah’s and we should draw no distinction between the two.

Here’s the question:  Can Rob Eshman honestly say that Trayvon Martin’s killing was murder while defining  what happened in Toulouse was not? But, I would guess that when pressed he would admit that what happened in Florida might not have been murder after all, but in Toulouse there is no doubt of the human brutality that took place there.

Rob Eshman did not live up to his responsibility this week toward the community he serves. To promote that Trayvon Martin’s killing is no different than the Jihadi tactics that extends from Danny Pearl to Miriam Monsenego is far from over and is not in anyone’s best interest, certainly not Trayvon Martin, his family, the seven victims of Mohammad Merah and all freedom loving people in the world.

Photo at top courtesy of www.telegraph.co.uk

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